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Clan Advice Notes

Here are notes of advice given by commanders we've managed to get our hands on. Some of this is really good advice!

  • A Note Concerning Clan Members Aiding Other Clan Members

Concerning our current state of affairs, I feel the need to point out a few things that need attention. I am sure that more than a few of us have been noticing the raids on clans members over the last couple of months. The ones that come to mind are clan members who I see little to no activity from in game.....well...other than being a farm.

I believe most would agree that those clan members will not receive any aid in defending their sector or retaliatory forces sent to attack whomever raided those sectors. Dead weight gets NO help.

Now, it has been stated that there are active members who are getting raided as well. Now, granted, I am not seeing reports of these for the most part. The only thing I have seen remotely close to this is someone getting attacked because this clan member started something for whatever reason on his own. No problem there. Guess what? No help for you either unless someone wants to. It has been a long standing rule of this clan that we are each responsible for our own actions and our own battles. Do NOT expect that another clan member will HAVE to come to your aid. That is not the way we operate!

The arguement has been made that we should retaliate no matter what so people will know not to mess with [censored]. I strongly disagree. If you do not want to get raided, you make it so unworthwhile to raid you that no one will bother. This means you use your resources up. This means you hide your troops in a level 1 sector next door. Do not offer up anything worthwhile for anyone to get if they raid you. All you want is for them to waste a raid point and their own time. If you get raided and lose 50k of resources, SHAME ON YOU. If you get raided or invaded and lose a thousand troops, SHAME ON YOU.

This game is all about playing smart. You must use your head and not put yourself in the position to be a victim. You want to be a predator, right? RIGHT. So get out there and predatate!

-Unknown Commander

  • A note concerning emitter antigen usage

Please do not hesitate to use antigen if you are using on shared defenses at the emitter. We all benefit from these upgrades. I do not have a problem with you using every available amount as long as it is for this purpose. However, if you are using it to upgrade your offense, I prefer you use discretion. Feel free to contact me if you are unsure. Odds are if you are unsure you already know the answer. I do not have a problem with upgrading offensive troops with antigen as long as it is ultimately for gaining resources to upgrade the emitters more. Upgrading for personal gain is outright not allowed.

-Unknown Clan Leader

  • A note concerning clan members and teamwork

To put it simply, who needs them? When your on the field and you radio for reinforcements and you get no response isn't that as good as being on the field alone? Some commanders rely heavily on NAPs, Cease-fires and alliances; then there are the select few, who rely soley on themselves these commanders need to be observed with a careful eye, because the most common thing about the 'Lone-Wolf' type of commander is, alliances come and go and a lone wolf truly hunts only for himself, they may stand behind you long enough to only end up standing on top of you. Be wary commanders, there are countless types of warriors out there in the wasteland, don't think because their alone in a clan that they are vulnerable or unprepared.

-Unknown Clan Leader