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Challenge Rival Coalition

From this day forth your Coalition will be able to challenge other Coalitions in order to compete, earn new Coalition Achievements, and prove that your Coalition is the mightiest out of all Greece! The Challenge condition can be initiated from the "Diplomatic Status" window in the "Coalitions" section at the Embassy. Once a Challenge is accepted by another Coalition, the countdown timer starts, and the Challenge points are being calculated.

The Challenge Condition is all about battling rival Coalitions and showing who are the true "Spartan Warriors"!

Only the Coalition Hegemons, or the ones entrusted with Diplomatic privileges, can challenge other Coalitions. Only one Challenge at a time is allowed. A Challenge condition cannot be cancelled if activated, and Coalition management will need to wait until it expires if they wish to change the Diplomatic Status with a certain Coalition.

Challenge Coalition

Finding your Enemies

The Imperial Map

New icons have been added to the Imperial Map to assist you in finding your enemies. You may opt to show both At War and In Challenge cities. Selecting these will show Cities belonging those Coalitions involved in the War or Challenge allowing you to navigate to those cities faster. You can of course use the Embassy to load a roster of the enemy Coalition and select a City to navigate to directly. The imperial map though will be the easiest way for you to find which enemy targets are closest to your own city.

Challenge Report

There is a "Report" button next to a Coalition that is either involved in the Challenge condition or in a State of War with you in your "Diplomacy" tab of "My Coalition" section at the Embassy. You will see detailed statistics of the encounter if you click on it. There will be a timer at the top of the screen indicating the time left until the Challenge condition is over, or, if you are currently at War, it will indicate how much time you have been at War with that Coalition for. You can view the detailed statistics on all Coalition Wars and Challenges in the "Coalition Report" tab of the "Coalitions" section at the Embassy.

Challenge Report

As you can see from the Challenge Report image, only certain actions are counted towards your Coalitions point's. Virtually all of them require you to engage with the specified Coalition in combat. There are no passive categories on the sheet (i.e. don't expect sitting on the sidelines to earn your group points). It will be up to the Hegemon and other leadership to encourage participation from the rest of your members. Lack of participation can easily see a larger and stronger Coalition lose handedly to a smaller more motivated group.

While the engaging of Pantheons take up 5 positions on the chart, it is not necessary for the groups involved to take or attempt to take Pantheons from each other. A challenge does not have to be antagonistic (though it's probably a lot more fun if it is). You can enter into a challenge and set down ground rules such as "No Pantheon Hits" or "Colony Engagements Only". Obviously, both sides will need a strong Chain of Command to ensure all players abide by the agreed upon terms as the game will not enforce such restrictions.


At the end of a Challenge, the victor gains a small token reward in the form of Elixirs. Higher numbers on the report may result in better rewards, but do not count on the rewards to offset the cost of taking up a Challenge. Challenges are there as an optional way for Coalitions to compete in a more structured form than the more common free for all. In addition to the token reward, your wins will also count towards the Athena's Elect Coalition Achievement which raised your Coalition ranking (assuming you hold Pantheons).

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