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  • Repositories are special resource sites which differ by the type of resources they hold: Fuel, Ammunition, Rations, Thulium, and Diamonds.
  • Repositories also differ in size for players of varying levels: low-level players can see only small , middle-level players - medium size Repositories, while high-level players can fight for the Repositories with the biggest resource reserves.
  • Repositories appear in the Radar at different times of the day. If a Repository is not captured within 24 hours, it disappears from the Map.



The starting number of repositories you can attack/hold is 1. You can increase the number of available repositories by using your Drill Instructors (Upgrade the branch to get to the Maximum Repository number) and developing the Tracking Center.

If Allies or members of the same Combine try to capture a Repository simultaneously, the first player who comes to the Repository, will capture it. The Troops of other Combine mates or allies return to their Bases.


You need to send both Offensive and Defensive Units. Offensive Units fight for the Repository and then are automatically sent to the Bunker in case of the successful battle. Defensive Units stay at the Repository for the resource collection. If the battle is lost, the remaining Troops of both types go to your Bunker.


You may also attack Repositories. To do so, you need to send offensive troops only. In such a case, you can fight against the Repository owner but no resources will be collected.


No changes. Recon as normal Commander.


Joint Attacks can NOT be launched on the Repositories.


Reinforcements can be sent only to the Repositories where only your own Troops are stationed.



Resource collection speed Depends on the Materiel Loading contract level. Resource collection speed is determined at the moment that the Repository is captured. So, you need to renegotiate the contract BEFORE capturing a Repository if you want to increase the resource collection speed. Upon the release of Repositories, all the already existing players get Materiel Loading renegotiated to level 15. It can be further renegotiated to lvl 20 as normal.


The amount of resources collected depends on the capacity of the Troops defending it. Having collected the maximum amount of resources, the Troops automatically return to the Bunker. Resources may also be collected before the Troops are fully loaded. In such event all the Troops defending the Repository return to your Base and the Repository becomes vacant. If you recall some part of your defensive Troops located at the Repository and the capacity of the remaining Troops is lower than the amount of collected resources, all Defensive Troops (and the collected resources) return to your Base.


Repositories use the same maximum mechanic as depots, and the same SI-branch and building Upgrade (Tracker Center) as depots did.

  • Base number of Repositories accessible simultaneously: 1.
  • Full development of the Depot Bonus branch in the Training Center: +1 Repository maximum.
  • Tracking Center upgraded to level 6: +1 Repository maximum.

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