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The Depots have been removed from the game.


Within months of the Zandian crisis, the international UN peacekeeping force tasked with securing national infrastructure, maintaining order, and providing humanitarian relief withdrew under fire – leaving behind enough strategic stockpiles to supply a major military operation for years. Secure these abandoned Depots to access a free source of Diamonds, Fuel, Munitions, Rations or Special Equipment.

Depots vary in size, type, and in the case of Special Equipment drop potential. For the depots that vary in size (all but Special Equipment), there are large, medium, and small sizes. The amount of resources produced per hour at a specific depot is dependent on its size. Expect greater competition for larger sized depots.

Resource and Diamond depots have separate spawn times than Special Equipment. There is a day’s downtime between spawns each week. Thus, there will be a period where only Special Equipment depots are available. When a depot despawns, your forces will be automatically returned to your base (Travelling at the same rate as if you and recalled them manually). Remaining time is displayed on the Radar, on the Map and inside your Command HQ (if you control a depot). Newly spawned depots are undefended. However, it is possible for a commander to reinforce an unclaimed depot thereby laying a trap for the unwary enemy commander. Any player can view the amount of Resources stored in the Depot by placing their cursor over it.

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