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Soldiers Inc. Contracts

Why do I need Contracts?

Negotiating Contracts grants you access to new buildings, units, and services.

Build the contracting office to begin negotiating new contracts.

Upgrading the contracting office increases the speed of your contract negotiations. Negotiating or renegotiating a contract will cost rations, fuel and munitions. The more advanced the contract or the higher its upgrade level, the more each negotiation will cost.

After the first few contracts, you need to start acquiring a set number of contract referrals before you may begin negotiating that contract. Each day you visit your base, your contracting office will write you a new contract referral towards a new private military contract. You will need to collect all referrals required in a set before you may unlock the contract. (Example: If you have 3/6 referrals for logistics support and 5/6 for maintenance, you still can't start negotiations on either one. To complete each set, you can trade with other players for the referrals you need - so in this case trade 3 of your maintenance referrals for 3 more logistics support referrals, then you can begin negotiating logistics support.)

What do I do with referrals I don't need

You can trade referrals you don't need for ones that you're still looking for by visiting your contracting office or your logistics exchange.

For example, if you have 3/6 referrals for logistics support and 5/6 maintenance, you can trade 1 of your logistics support referrals to complete the maintenance set.

To exchange referrals at the logistics exchange:

1. Open the "Exchange Referrals" tab at the logistics exchange. 2. Select the contract you're offering. 3. Choose the referral you're offering. 4. Select the contract you're looking for. 5. Select the referral you wish to receive. 6. If you see no existing offers, click the "Extend Offer" button to create your own. 7. Go to the logistics exchange and open the "Exchange Referrals" tab to view the offer you've created. You will also be able to see when your offer expires from this menu, and delete any pending offers you've made that have yet to be accepted.

To exchange referrals at the contracting office:

1. Go to the contracting office and open the "My referrals" tab. 2. Select a contract. 3. Choose a referral you wish to trade. 4. Click the "Exchange" button. 5. Select the contract and referral you're looking for and click "make an offer".

You can also give referrals to your friends instead of trading. You can do this in several ways: 1. Visit your friend's base, click "actions" and choose "send referrals" to send them a referral. 2. You can also got to the map, find your friend's base, and choose "Send Referral" from the green pop-up menu. 3. Select a friend from your 'friends' panel, click on the friend's profile picture, and choose "Send Referral" on the drop-down menu.

Whichever method you choose will open a window where you can select which referral you wish to send. Once you've selected a referral click the "Send a Referral" button. To view offers from other players, go to the Logistics Exchange and select a search filter (All, Available, Friends, or My). If your request is not found, you will see an empty list. You can also use the "Looking for" and "Offering" drop-down menus to filter your search.

If you negotiate a contract, exchange a referral, or send one to your friend as a gift it will no longer be in your base.

Miscellaneous Contract Tips

  • Log into the game every day to get a new referral and progress through your contracts more quickly.
  • Renegotiate contracts. The higher the contract level, the stronger it's related military units' performance statistics.

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