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My Lords and Ladies!

A new day has dawned in Stormfall! Heroes have come to lead your armies into battle!

Your Hero is your greatest weapon in Darkshine! Equipping your Hero with special Equipment Items and upgrading these Items will grant your Units special bonuses that will enhance their statistics during battle. Keep in mind that each Lord and Lady may have only one Hero.

If you have not yet selected your Hero, do so now by clicking the Hero icon on the top left corner of your screen! If you are hesitant about which Hero to choose, do not worry! Your Hero can be changed at a later time using a special Item - the Hero Selector. You are also able to change the name of your Hero whenever you like for free!

Equipment Items received from battles are kept in your Inventory. These Items all have distinct qualities and improve the statistics of certain Offensive or, depending on the Item, Defensive Units. There are four types of Equipment Items: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Mythical. You’ll receive Equipment Items as spoils of war when battling Balur’s Orcs at Battlegrounds. Certain pieces of Equipment come locked in Chests that require the appropriate Chest Key to open. Keys can sometimes be recovered in battle, but should you be in need of a particular Key, you can get it at any time by visiting the Black Market. You can upgrade your Hero’s Equipment by selling other Items for Moon Coins. Moon Coins can then be used to upgrade other Items. However, bear in mind that once sold, an Item cannot be returned so think carefully before selling.

A limited number of Equipment Items can be stored in your Hero’s Inventory, although it is possible to unlock additional Slots using Sapphires. This will allow you to store more Equipment. Once all of the Slots have been filled, you must either sell Equipment Items for Moon Coins, or remove them in order to free up space. Once your Inventory is full, any Equipment Items you collect will automatically be sent to the Temporary Inventory. Items in the Temporary Inventory will be stored for 2 days, after which time they will be destroyed unless you move them to your Inventory OR equip your Hero with them. NOTE: If both your Inventories are full when new Equipment from battles is received, the newest Items will replace the oldest ones in your Temporary Inventory.

Please note: the Resources panel now appears at the top of your screen, above your Counselors. You can find information about your Level and the Units currently in your Castle on your Hero’s icon.

Now that you have this information, make the most of it! Start developing your Hero today!

Lord Oberon

Heir of Veyon, Scion of the Firstborn, Lord Regent of Stormfall

Information about the Hero

The Hero is the greatest and most important unit you can have, in part because it provides enhancement to your units' offense and/or defense. You're able to keep only one Hero at a time, yet changing your Hero and modifying your Hero's name can be done any time.

Changing Heroes and Name

Changing Hero

Choosing your Hero is done by clicking on the hero icon on the top left corner of your screen followed by pressing the 'Select Hero' button. You can then decide which Hero you wish to have, though make sure you press 'Apply'!

Hero Frame
Hero Select

Remember: in order to change hero, you require the 'Hero Selector Item' which can be acquired exclusively in the 'Select your Hero' window.

Hero Selector Item

Changing names

Changing your Hero's name is done by opening the Hero window and pressing the button with the pen icon on it which is located next to your Hero's current name. Write the desired name for your Hero and press 'Apply'. You can change the name anytime you like.

Hero Rename

Hero Window

The Hero window contains all your equipment items, chests and special keys. The same page also displays the enhancements your army get from the items. Equipping your hero is done by dragging an item and dropping it into a slot surrounding your Hero, the same result occurs when you click an item and press 'Equip'. As mentioned earlier, you're also able to change your Hero and its name from here.

Hero Bonuses



Equipment items are unique items that can be received throughout Darkshine and are acquired in battles. They affect certain attributes of your troops, providing them with either Defensive or Offensive enhancement. The items providing Offensive enhancements are weapons, gloves, boots and certain rings. Helmets, shields, armour, and the rest of the rings give Defensive enhancements.

The power of an equipment item's attributes is proportional to it's rarity. (Least to most rare: Common, Uncommon, Rare or Mythical). The more difficult it is to acquire, the stronger the effect of the item. However, equipment items can vary effects between one or several types of units. (Infantry, Cavalry, Occult and/or Bestiary units) Too view the statistics of the equipment, simply click the item.

Inventory and Temporary Inventory

You've got two inventories, one carrying the obtained items permanently whilst the other carries them temporarily. Initially you have 18 slots in your permanent inventory. All the items acquired in battle will automatically go there. Though once the permanent inventory is filled, items will be sent to the temporary inventory instead. Whenever the item is placed in the temporary inventory, a timer will count down until it reached zero. When it reaches zero the item will be thrown away. Whenever both the permanent and temporary inventory are full, any newly obtained item(s) will cause the oldest item from your temporary item to be thrown away to make room for it. When you think you lack space for equipment, purchasing additional rows of slots is done by clicking on them.

Hero Permanent Inventory
Hero Temporary Inventory

Certain equipment items might come in special chests.

Chests and Keys

There are 4 types of chests:

  1. Class I Chests contain equipment that will grant bonuses (either Offensive or Defensive) to Infantry.
  2. Class II Chests contain equipment that will grant bonuses (either Offensive or Defensive) to both Infantry and Cavalry.
  3. Class III Chests contain equipment that will grant bonuses (either Offensive or Defensive) to Infantry, Cavalry and Occult units.
  4. Class IV Chests contain equipment that will grant bonuses (either Offensive or Defensive) to Infantry, Cavalry, Occult and Bestiary units.

Each chest contains one equipment item.

Opening chests requires special keys, which you can obtain in the game or by purchasing them on the Black Market. To see which key you need to open a given chest, click on the chest and check the item's rarity and the chest's name, combining them will tell you which key is required. e.g if a Chest is a Class III Chest and the rarity is Rare, then you will need an Uncommon Class II Key to unlock it.

Selling and Upgrading Equipment

Equipment items can be upgraded to improve the enhancements they give.

Selling Items for Moon Coins

For upgrading an item you require Moon Coins. You can obtain Moon Coins by selling other equipment items. You can decide which item you wish to sell. Typically, one that is of little strategic value to you, or one of a lower level. The better the level, the more Moon Coins you get from selling it. To sell an item, simply click on the selected item and press 'Sell'. It will take time to sell Equipment. The number of Moon Coins you have is displayed above the inventory.

Hero Currency

Upgrading Equipment

Upon having a sufficient amount of Moon Coins, you can upgrade an equipment item by clicking on the selected item followed by pressing 'Upgrade'. Then be patient whilst the smiths finish upgrading the item.

Take heed:

  1. Upon clicking 'sell', the item will be sold for valuable Moon Coins. Undoing this is impossible and thus your item will be lost once you start the selling process.
  2. Likewise, clicking 'Upgrade', your item will start it's upgrade. This cannot be reversed and thus the value of Moon Coins you spent can't be reapplied to different items.
  3. You can only upgrade or sell an item one at a time. As this process takes some time, carefully consider when and what item you wish to upgrade or sell.
  4. You can upgrade or sell an item in your permanent inventory only! If the item is located anywhere else, make sure to put it in the permanent inventory.

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