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Sometimes things go wrong. Depending on the situation encountered, you have a few options for resolving the issue.

Plarium Official Support

Plarium's official support site can be found at:

External Support

Browser-based errors are usually associated with internet files/cache/cookie problems where 99% of your fix is simply close your browser completely. Depending on your Operating System you may need to visit the specific vendor's support page (External links):

Browser-Based Errors

Clear Cache

Clear Cache Error

Clear Cache errors are a simple fix. To correct, simply close the browser and follow the vendor's instructions to clear the internet cache. Reload the game to log back in and continue.

Murphey's Law

Murphy's Law Error

The Murphey's Law error is another variation of the internet cache issue, with diagnostic/debug info attached. None of this information is useable by the player. To correct, simply close the browser and follow the vendor's instructions to clear the internet cache. Reload the game to log back in and continue.

Game Session Expired

Game Session Expired Error

Game Session Expired errors happen if you have Soldiers Inc open, and logged into the same account in more than one browser or from different sources concurrently. To correct, simply close all browsers you are currently logged in with and follow the vendor's instructions to clear the internet cache. Reload the game to log back in and continue. If the problem persists, please visit Plarium's support site with the IP and debug information contained in the error window. Consider changing your Facebook password and/or the email account associated with your Facebook account.

Something Went Wrong

Something Went Wrong Error

The Something Went Wrong error occurs when the client side data does not match up with the data the server is expecting. This is a technical hiccup and can be easily corrected by closing and reloading the game to log back in and continue.

Object Not Found

Object Not Found Error

The Object Not Found error is a technical/Flash error. This can be easily corrected by closing your browser and reloading the game to log back in and continue.

In-Game Errors or Bugs

Game Errors, or 'Bugs', are issues that are not usually fixable from clearing your cache or restarting the game. These are often errors that happen within the game themselves, and are corrected from a server-side hot-fix, where the system may be unavailable for a period of time while the server patches itself. Game errors should be reported, if possible document the date, time and conditions as well as a screen shot if possible to assist developers in correcting the error. Most game errors occur after a major or minor update.

Important: save any reports indicating any missing resources, units or buildings so you can be quickly reimbursed after the situation is corrected.

Could Not Complete Action

Could Not Complete Action Error

The Could Not Complete Action error is a server-side error that occurs when a player is attempting to complete an action (such as build, destroy, upgrade, place, purchase, upgrade, raid, occupy or defend, etc). The server is unable to comply because the server-side data does not match the client data. While this can be corrected by clearing the browser cache and reloading, it may not always be successful. If the problem persists, the Player should contact Plarium support with all relevant details.

Changes Failed to Save

Changes Failed to Save Error

The Changes Failed to Save error occurs when in-game objects violate the boundaries or constraints of the playing area or structural rules. The most noted and recent example of this was an update that placed the Stock Market outside of the Player's Base. Because the building existed outside of its own placement constraints, this error occurred. Interesting to note: By attempting to move the Stock Market back into the Player's Base, the "Could not Complete Action" would also flag, followed by "Changes Failed to Save." - Correcting this error was done via server side hot-fix which placed the Stock Market building back to its previous location if possible, if not, it was placed in the first available free slot, sometimes overlapping other buildings at the very top-center of the Base. A player would then be forced to rearrange other buildings to make room before proceeding.

Resource Errors

Resource Errors occur because of a client/server discrepancy. The client computer may report more resources or diamonds than the server expects. In almost all cases, reloading the game and/or browser corrects the error. In other instances, waiting for the game server to reset at 0:00 GMT each day may also correct the issue.

Mining Complex Donation Limit

Mining Complex Donation Limit Error

Attempting to donate more than 10 times in total to a Mining Complex as a CEO, or 2 times in total to a Mining Complex as a member of a Combine will trigger this error. Simply wait for the server to reset at 0:00 GMT to continue.

Not Enough Resources

Not Enough Resources Error

Not Enough Resources error occurs when the game client has more resources or diamonds than the server expects. While the action to upgrade, buy, donate, etc. is available in-game, the action results in an error because the game client is requesting that does not align with the server's records. The game should attempt to adjust itself every 30 minutes (starting at 0:00 GMT). Alternatively, the Player can reload the game client to continue with refreshed data.

Out of Storage

Out of Storage Error

The Out of Storage error occurs when you have reached capacity in your storage facilities, specifically Storage Depot or Field Kitchen. Consume, Trade or Donate resources to free up space. Alternatively the Player can also expand each facility to increase capacity (if possible). The current in-game maximum for resources are:

Storage Depot (each)

  • 73,326 Fuel
  • 73,326 Munitions
  • 73,326 Thulium

Field Kitchen (each)

  • 73,326 Rations

Combat Errors

Drones on Assault

Drones on Assault Error

Drones on Assault error occurs if the player attempts to force any type of non-combat unit (currently MQ-11B, Veteran MQ-11B or QR-14 Big Brother units) on an assault mission (either via Raid or Search & Destroy Assault Location) by selecting multiple unit types including the drones, then removing all combat units except the drones and clicking Send. Since these units do not have in-game battle mechanics for Offense Points, it is against the game engine's rules and boundaries to attack solely with units that have null-data for Offensive Points. Choose at least one combat unit with Offense Points and re-send.

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