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Chronicles of the Empire

2050 – 2125 AD : World War III Earth loses 40% of it’s human population and 70% of it’s bio-diversity. Industrial society is rebuilt under a new world government dominated by an hereditary elite. While humanity experiences a technological renaissance, civil society remains in a post-feudal state. Faced with a rapidly failing biosphere, the regime turns to space exploration. The colonization of the Moon, Mars and inner solar system begins. First imperial dynastic family seizes power. Declaration of the first empire and “new era” as humanity abandons Earth.


0 – 810 : The first empire spends 300 years colonizing the remains of the solar system, followed by 500 years of acclimation to extend time in interplanetary space. The emperor moves the administration off-world as he prepares the imperium for interstellar expansion. Emerge of the Star Blood cult and deification of the Imperial Bloodline. Emperor ordains himself the divine father of “Homo Astrum” as humanity first interstellar colony ships venture past the Oort Clour. Declaration of the second empire.

810 -1710 : Successful colonization of Proxima Centauri launches 900 years of interstellar expansion. Archeological teams discover evidence of “ The First” ( a long extinct alien civilization boasting advanced biomechanical technology. Data from the site sparks rapid developments in new technology and scientific inquiry. Subsequent advances in propulsion reduce interstellar travel to within a human lifespan. By 1670 Imperial survey ships have completed mapping the observable galaxy.

1710 – 2000 : Pax Imperialis Three centuries of political stability, prosperity, and expansion as humanity consolidates its hold over the galaxy. Trade and technology thrive under a series of benign imperial reigns. With Earth now recovered, the imperial family reestablishes centralized administration from humanity’s ancestral homeworld, marking the advent of the Third Empire.

2000 – 2120 : The reversion Imperial family begins to withdraw from galactic affairs, becoming the driving force behind the fledgling “ True Terra” movement and renounces their divinity. Orders the adoption of classical Terran themes in everything from architecture to weapon design. Distrustful of the increasingly powerful off world nobility, the Emperor recalls them to Earth and seals the Sol system to inter-system travel. Outraged, the nobility begins organizing an earth-based opposition.

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