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Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy FAQ

How do I start the game all over?

You can't. There are no dead ends in the game, but there is also no restarting on the same account. Don't worry: even if you make some mistakes in the beginning, you can always develop your Sector up to a higher level and fulfill all of the General's Tasks. Be sure to follow the instructions in the order that they're given or you'll slow down your Sector's development by using up your resources too fast. If this happens, just wait awhile until you collect enough to continue.

How do I modify or remove existing buildings?

Click the "Edit" button in the top right-hand panel. You can move all of your structures, but only Improvements can be permanently deleted once they have been constructed. Remember that you can expand your Sector if you find yourself running out of space. You can also upgrade Defensive constructions to higher levels.

For more info on buildings please see Buildings

What does "Invasion" mean?

Invading other Sectors proves you're stronger than your rivals and lets you place in the Invasion Rankings. The Top 10 players are rewarded with Crystals every week. Invading an opponent does not eliminate them - you simply occupy them until they are either liberated or cease playing the game. It's the "Domination" part of "Total "Domination".

For more information please see Invasions

Where did the General's Reinforcements go?

The General's Reinforcements are in your Sector. Open the "My Sector" tab at the Command Center to view them. You can't command someone else's Reinforcements.

For more info on this please see Reinforcing Units

Why did I acquire 0 Resources after my last Raid?

There is a weekly cap of 50,000 Resources than can be gained from looting (or gifting) in each Sector. You can go back and Raid this Sector again next week. Resources are calculated within the last 7 days.

for more information please check Raiding Sectors

How do I calculate experience?

With the exception of a few troops, experience is calculated by hourly credit cost of those enemy troops you have defeated. The exceptions are all SCAR units and advanced troops from the Battalion Headquarters, which have been reduced. Experience is also aquired by finishing tasks and researching technologies.

For more information please see Combat Break Down

How come it takes so long for my results of battles to show up?

Due to the nature of this phenominon and perception that knowing how to get around this issue is considered by most commanders to give a competitive edge to those within "the know", only a vague description can be given at this time.

Here is a hint: It has to do with memory and loading.

How far should I travel for raiding?

Most commanders would agree that you don't want to dedicate your attack units to too much travel time. They are more useful in battle than as convoys. So, the result is ...few...commanders will travel farther than 1000km. Very few. Most commanders, in fact, try to keep their raiding radius within 200km. Early on, when commanders need fewer resources compared to later, lower level sectors with fewers resources are typically raided more often. Then, as the demand for resources increase, the wise commander will expand his raiding radius in porportion to that demand and what he feels comfortable with in travel time.

Remember that raiding units are dependant not only on capacity, but also speed. Faster units require less time to travel. It is subjectible to each commander what combination of speed, attack power, and capacity work best for him. Try different combinations. But, keep in mind that your raiding force can only travel as fast as its slowest unit. So, it is wise to use only one type or a combination of same speed units when raiding.

Sending a bunch of units with a speed of 240kmph with some with 120kmph is wasteful on speed. Sending a combination of units that all travel @ 120kmph but only on type can carry very little is wasteful on capacity. The same can be said for attack power. Again, it is all subjectible based on each commander's comfort zone with what works well for him. When you find that comfort zone, use it wisely.


Why did my wife/bother/son/daughter/etc. get banned?

Commander, you need to ask yourself one question. "Are any of these people using the same IP address as myself on this server?" If the answer is yes, then expect only one account to survive. In an effort to fight commanders who wish to cheat their way through this game by using alternate accounts (referred to as ALTs), the developers had to make a hard decision. Since the really....VAST.....seriously.... V-A-S-T....majority of commanders who had multiple accounts using the same IP address were doing so nefariously, this meant cutting off some legitimate players from the game. And, until further notice, this decision stands.

As long as there are cowardly wannabe commaders out there who cannot function without cheating, hard measures have to be made to keep balance in the game. If, however, you feel as if you or a loved one has been wrongfully banned, feel free to contact a developer at [email protected] for consideration and further investigation.

Commander, the developers want nothing more than to provide a fun and pleasant gaming experience to legitimate players. They want you to know that as long as you remain faithful to the cause, you have nothing to fear. These developers have their ways of finding secrets. Dark.....secrets. So remain diligent! Chin up! Chest out! Go kill someone for me, soldier.

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