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Units are used for all defensive and offensive actions. In short, Units are your lifeblood. Without them, you are powerless to accomplish much in the game. Sign new Agreements to unlock new and more powerful Units.

Offense and Defense

Units can be:

  • Offensive - Offense units have high offense values but very low defense values.
  • Defensive - Defensive units have high defensive values and low offense values.

A simple match up between base level Mounted Peltasts and Agema Horesmen will demonstrate how different things are

  • Agema Horseman attacks a Mounted Peltast.
    • This is the standard expected match-up
    • The Agema Horseman has an offense of 1680
    • The Mounted Peltasti has a defense of 725
    • The resulting power ratio is 2.3:1
    • Thus it takes at least 3 Mounted Peltast to win against a single Agema Horseman
    • This demonstrates the inherent advantage that offense has over defense
    • Understand other things like city fortifications and unit costs/production time evens out the balance over all
  • Mounted Peltast attacks Agema Horseman.
    • This is the opposite of normal.
    • The Mounted Peltast has an OFFENSE of 120
    • The Agema Horseman has a DEFENSE of 144
    • The resulting power ratio is 1:1.2
    • In this case the Mounted Peltast will still lose BUT not by much.
    • Because the power ratio is close to 1:1 xp will be higher per unit kill.
    • This is still not recommended BUT demonstrates that defense is not completely useless on offense.
  • Mounted Peltast attacks Mounted Peltast
    • Defense attacking Defense
    • The attacking Mounted Peltast has an offense of 120
    • The defending Mounted Peltast has a defense of 725
    • The resulting power ratio is 1:6
    • This demonstrates that attacking with defense units is not really a good idea unless you are expecting little to no defense.
  • Agema Horseman vs Agema Horseman
    • The attacking Agema Horseman has an offense of 1680
    • The defending Agema Horseman has a defense of 144
    • The resulting power ratio is 11.6:1
    • This rounds out the demonstration to show that the worst thing you can do is defend with offensive units.
    • Attacking with defense units is not generally recommended but doesn't hold a candle to defending with offensive units.

Unit Tiers

Your army is divided into 4 type:

  • Light Infantry
  • Heavy Infantry
  • Phalanx
  • Cavalry

Each unit is designed to be strong in a particular role. The role may be raiding, fodder, defense vs. specific types of units etc. Consult the individual unit sections for further information.

All units are unlocked via Agreements and trained via Military Buildings.

Unit Stats

Each unit contains a number of statistics including:

  • Offense - The amount the unit contributes when attacking
  • Defense - There is a defense value for each type of unit. Defense values are allocated based on the attacking armies composition
  • Cost - The resource cost for production
  • Capacity - The amount of resources the unit can take from the enemy on a successful raid
  • Speed - How fast the unit travels
  • Production Time - How fast the unit can be trained.
  • Grain Consumption - How much each individual unit reduces your grain production rate. This is mitigated by both the Academy and the Temple of Demeter.

Additionally Units get a 2% Offense & Defense bonus for each upgrade to their respective Agreement over level one. The final upgrade to level 20 provides a 4% bonus thus the maximum bonus at level 20 is 40%.

Units can further be upgraded by making them Veterans via the Pantheons. The bonuses result a 5% offense & defense stat increase and a large reduction in their grain consumption.

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