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From time to time you will be given Quests and Tasks to complete. These will show up as icons on the left hand of your screen. Known types of Quest and Tasks include:

  • Beginner Tasks - These are tasks to complete certain actions in the game such as reading mail and scouting an enemy city.
  • Building Tasks - These are given on a set rotation. You can complete these tasks up to level 13 for each building in the rotation.
  • Agreement Upgrade Tasks - When you have all necessary Articles for an Agreement, you will be tasked with Signing it. Thereafter you will be tasked to upgrade the Agreement with the lowest level that is lowest in the Agreement tree.
  • Unit Build Tasks - Immediately after negotiating a unit contract for the first time, you will be tasked with building x of that unit. These stop short of Firedrakes
  • Random Drachma Tasks - Occasionally you will be tasked with purchasing or building a drachma improvement such as a Tower or an Artisan, these are completely voluntary but award extra XP if completed.
  • Drachma Purchase Tasks - You will have an initial task for purchasing Drachmas at a discount until you purchase Drachmas for the first time. You occasionally will also get a randomly selected discount Drachma task, see the premium content section for more details.
  • Weekly colony task - You will be tasked once a week (after reaching a high enough level and building the Tholos) with either capturing or collecting from a Colony. Capture tasks require simply occupying a Colony and award offensive units. Alternatively you'll have to hold a Colony until you can collect from it after which you will receive defense units. Note: Colonies are not for the faint of heart and are high risk especially for lower level players.
  • Persian Position Quests - These are randomly assigned sites with NPC units for you to clear out either offensive or defensive. See the Persian Position specific pages for more details.
  • Global Contracts - Occasionally a quest will be assigned that is global in nature and requires individuals to clear out regular Persian Position sites in return for tokens which will be exchanged on completion of the global for units, Drachmas and other rewards.

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