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Pantheons are heavily fortified locations spread throughout Greece. The locations are the only places with any true hope of withstanding the giant tides of Persian forces that now threaten Hellas.

The Coalitions that rebuild and have control over these Pantheons will be able to use their strength to save Greece, project their power over surrounding territories and even rise above their rival Coalitions. A Coalition's ability to conquer, hold and rebuild the Pantheons will determine the borders of its realm and its standing within Hellas.

As your Coalition conquers and strengthens Pantheons, your growing influence over the lands of Hellas will be shown on the Imperial Map. Be aware, the quest for total control is not an easy one. Persian forces are constantly moving to conquer Pantheons themselves and defending against their armies, as well as those of your rivals, is only part of your mission.

Rebuilding Pantheons will take large amounts of Resources and no single Archon can easily accomplish this Herculean task, alone.

Pantheons can be found throughout the Imperial Map. Plan your attacks carefully as any Pantheon on the map may be heavily defended by Persian forces, or even rival Coalitions.

Any Coalition that conquers a Pantheon must defend it from increasingly powerful waves of Persian forces. With each successful defensive battle against Persian units, your Coalition will receive a reward of Orichalcum. This valuable mineral can be used to grant "Veteran" status to your units, reducing their grain consumption and increasing their Offense and Defense strength thus improving their overall effectiveness in battles.

Once you have taken a Pantheon, you must begin upgrading and repairing it with Resources. As the Pantheon is upgraded, its defensive bonus, effective range of protection, Orichalcum collection efficiency, Orichalcum storage capacity, and the range of unit types that can be upgraded to Veteran status will increase.

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