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There are thousands of islands in the Aegean Sea, many with Colonies rich in Resources. Each Colony you claim will offer you tribute in the form of Timber, Bronze, Grain, or Drachmas. Send a force to conquer a nearby Colony now, before your rivals get there first.

Each Colony contains one of your three main resources(Timber Camp - Timber, Bronzeworks - Bronze, and Grain Mill - Grain), along with Drachma Vaults. There are different sizes of Colonies: Large, Medium, and Small. The amount of Resources produced by the Colony and its capacity depend on its size. The larger the Colony, the more Resources it can collect per hour, and the greater its total worth. When all the Resources at a Colony have been exhausted (or it's time limit expires) it will disappear from the Map. The time remaining until a Colony disappears is displayed on the pop-up Map menu, your War Council, and your Oracle. Visit your Oracle to detect new colonies. Every new Colony starts off vacant and unguarded - there are advantages to being the first to take one, but be wary of ambushes set up by other players. A player for example, could reinforce an unclaimed Colony without claiming it. The Colony will appear to be vacant but in reality could be heavily defended. Any player can view the amount of Resources stored in the colony by placing their cursor over it.

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