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Troops protect your Sector, invade other Sectors, and help your Friends out when they need it. Research Technologies and construct new Buildings to unlock new, more powerful Troops.

Offense and Defense

Troops can be :

  • Offensive

A Red border indicates Offensive Troops. Offensive units are designed for attacks but have a low defense value.

  • Defensive

A Green border indicates Offensive Troops. with the exception of Mercenaries which have the same value for both.

Defensive units are essentially useless when attacking but highly effective at protecting a Sector or Deposit.
Click on the unit when purchasing it to see detailed stats.
If your Sector has tons of Offense and no Defense - don't be surprised when you get Invaded.
A good tactic is to develop dedicated forces of either Offensive or Defensive units tasked with either taking or holding Sectors.

Unit Statistics

Your military is divided into 4 different branches :

  • Light Infantry,
  • Heavy Infantry,
  • Armor,
  • Combat Aviation.

Each one of these Branches fields 4 different units :

  • 2 Offensive.
  • 2 Defensive.

Each of these units have their own particular balance of effectiveness against Offensive or Defensive units of each branch.
Click the question mark or directly on the image of the unit to find out detailed information about its strengths and weakness.

Each military unit have the following stats:

  • Cost: the amount of Resources and Rations spent for production;
  • Capacity: The amount of Resources the unit can steal on raids;
  • Speed: The speed at which this unit travels on the Map;
  • Production time: The amount of time required to produce each unit.

Unit Bonus

Depending on their level, your troops will acquire an experience bonus. This bonus is applied both to your troop offensive and defensive points.

Negociate level Bonus
Lvl 1
Lvl 2
Lvl 3
Lvl 4
Lvl 5
Lvl 6
Lvl 7
Lvl 8
Lvl 9
Lvl 10
Lvl 11
Lvl 12
Lvl 13
Lvl 14
Lvl 15
Lvl 16
Lvl 17
Lvl 18
Lvl 19
Lvl 20

Using your Troops

All combat units are produced by specific Military buildings. Once purchased, you can either use them yourself or they can be sent to Allies as Reinforcements. Go to the Command Center and open the "Reinforcements" tab to send them to your friends. Reinforcements sent by Allies cannot be used for offense - only for defense. Research new Technologies to unlock new types of units. The higher the level of Technology, the stronger the unit will be during an engagement.

 Some Troops ( Strategic units ) are currently banned for export by international treaty, at present they will only be available at the Black market.

Veteran troops

Veteran troops are upgraded troops. you can only upgrade your troops into veterans in Mining Complexes. The type of troops you can upgrade, depends on your Mining Complexe level.

 Stategic Units can't be upgraded into Veteran troops

Troops upgrade and costs :

Mining Complex Level Unit Type Funds Cost
1 None N/A
2 Light Infantry 20
3 Heavy Infantry 50
4 Armor 100
5 Aviation 200

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