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Special Equipment items are special issue kits recovered from the battlefield that can be used to improve various attributes of your base and unit performance. Fight enemies or capture and control equipment depots to acquire special equipment. Build an Armory to test, store, and integrate the items you recover into your fighting forces. Build the Radar and Tracking Centers to manage strategic Resource and Equipment Depots in your area of operations.

Special Equipment can have several different attributes: some offer offensive or defensive bonuses to different units, while others improve the performance characteristics of your base (resource production, defense bonuses, etc.)

To integrate a Special Equipment item, place it into any open engagement slot at your Armory's workshop. You have 6 engagement slots total, and can use no more than two items of equipment of the same category simultaneously. More specifically, you may only use 2 offensive items, 2 defensive items, and 2 production items at a time.

All special equipment can be either permanent or temporary. You can disengage and drag activated permanent equipment back to the equipment locker at any time for later use, but temporary equipment are consumable items active for only a fixed period of time - once engaged, they can't be moved back to the equipment locker. If you exchange one activated temporary equipment for a new one, the old one will automatically be deleted.

Special equipment is categorized as either standard or experimental based on their relative strength and stability. Standard issue equipment possesses small, but stable effects. Experimental equipment has both strong positive and negative effects. The strength of a special equipment item's attributes is proportional to its rarity (Commercial, Limited, Restricted, Classified, and Prototype). The harder it is to find, the stronger its effect.

How to Obtain

There are many ways for you to pick up Special Equipment items in Soldier Inc. The easiest is by fighting with other Bases or Zheng Shi Locations. You have a chance at recovering Special Equipment from every battle. To see if you've received an item, open your combat reports to view the description of your prize in the top part of the report. You have a chance to claim new equipment regardless of the outcome of an engagement, but remember: You only have 48 hours after recovering Special Equipment to move it into the equipment locker within the Armory or it is lost. You can reach the Armory directly from within the battle report.

You may also recover Special Equipment by capturing and controlling Equipment Depots on the game map. They essentially function like a normal Depot. Capture one and control it for at least one hour before attempting to search for Special Equipment. After the first hour, you can begin your search for the Special Equipment by clicking the "Search" button.

The longer you occupy an Equipment Depot, the higher your chances of successfully recovering Special Equipment with each attempt. You are allowed one search attempt per hour. Once you've successfully recovered Special Equipment, you will receive a report.


Item Category Affects Bonus Penalty Duration Level Required
10mm AM Cartridge.png
10mm AM Cartridge Defense Light Sniper Defense +7.5% None 14 days 24
Cartridge 5.54mm.png
Cartridge 5.54mm Offense Light Infantry Offense +4% None 14 days 24
AP Comm-Op Grenade Stun.png
AP Comm-Op Grenade Stun Offense Rifleman Offense +10% None 3 days 18
Entrenching Tool.png
Entrenching Tool Defense Sapper Defense +5% None Unlimited 18
Explosive Head Cartridge.png
Explosive Head Cartridge Offense Light Infantry Offense + 10% Construction Time +5% 7 days 24
GP1 Smoke Grenade Yellow.png
GP1 Smoke Grenade Yellow Defense Light Infantry Defense +6% None 14 days 18
LAW-13 3x Mag Scope.png
LAW-13 3x Mag Scope Offense Light Infantry Offense +7.5% Speed -10% 14 days 28
M-181-APM Claymore.png
M-181-APM "Claymore" Defense Sapper Defense +12% None 14 days 16
MRE-6 Individual Meal.png
MRE-6 Individual Meal Offense Recon Operator Capacity +10% None 7 days 24
Sharp and Meyer VIP Card.png
Sharp & Meyers VIP Card Offense Rifleman Construction Time -5% Cost +10% 7 days 22
Smugglers Map.png
Smugglers' Map Other Resources Munitions +10% None 3 days 18
Tac Field Comm GPS.png
Tac Field Comm GPS Offense Rifleman Speed +25% Capacity -10% 7 days 20
Truck Tanker Fuel TTF-2.png
Truck Tanker Fuel TTF-2 Other Resources Fuel +10% None 3 days 18
Wire Barbed - Roll.png
Wire Barbed - Roll Defense Sapper Defense +12% Speed -25% 14 days 20


Item Category Affects Bonus Penalty Duration Level Required
5.56mm Tracer.png
5.56mm Tracer Offense Light Infantry Offense 7.5% Defense -7.5% Unlimited 24
ARMSEL Striker Drum Gun.png
ARMSEL "Striker" Drum Gun Defense Sapper Defense 7.5% Offense -10% Unlimited 24
Body Armor Upper.png
Body Armor Upper Defense Light Infantry Defense 2.5% None Unlimited 20
Chameleon Active Camouflage.png
"Chameleon" Active Camouflage Defense MQ-11B Counter-Intelligence Bonus 8% None 14 days 18
Command Air Support Radio.png
Command Air Support Radio Offense Recon Operator Offense 10% Capacity -15% 7 days 28
Cyber Attack-Deployable.png
Cyber Attack-Deployable Other Contracts Negotiation Time -10% None 7 days 20
K-9 Sapper Support.png
K-9 Sapper Support Offense Rifleman Offense +10% Construction Time +5% 7 days 22
LRB2000 FO Targeter.png
LRB2000 FO Targeter Defense Heavy Sniper Defense +12% Speed -25% 7 days 34
M73-GL Grenade Launcher.png
M73-GL Grenade Launcher Defense Light Infantry Defense +12% Cost +5% 14 days 26
NOLE Gunner's Webbing.png
NOLE Gunner's Webbing Offense Heavy Support Infantry Offense +7.5% Capacity -10% 7 days 37
RGO Hand Grenade.png
RGO Hand Grenade Defense Light Infantry Defense 12% Speed -25% 7 days 22
RM7 w EXT Stock.png
RM7 w EXT Stock Offense Light Infantry Offense +2.5% None Unlimited 18
RS 21 Silencer.png
RS-21 Silencer Defense Light Sniper Defense +7.5% Offense -7.5% Unlimited 30
Sat-Orb X5 Renaissance.png
Sat-Orb XS "Renaissance" Defense Heavy Sniper Defense +10% None 14 days 32
Stinger Defense Drone.png
"Stinger" Defense Drone Defense Light Infantry Defense +7.5% None Unlimited 30
Tactical Defense Box.png
Tactical Defense Box Defense Light Sniper Defense +12%, Construction Time -5% None 7 days 28
Tactical Tomahawk TT-A.png
Tactical Tomahawk TT-A Offense Rifleman Offense +7.5% None Unlimited 8
Titanium Crossbow.png
Titanium Cross-Bow Defense Light Sniper Defense +5% None Unlimited 26
TPLV Supa Carrier.png
TPLV Supa Carrier Offense Heavy Support Infantry Speed +15% None Unlimited 34
Urban Assault Weapon.png
Urban Assault Weapon Offense Light Infantry Offense +7.5% Capacity -10% Unlimited 18


Item Category Affects Bonus Penalty Duration Level Required
Business Intelligence.png
Business Intelligence Other Contracts Negotiation Time -10% None 14 days 24
CQB-P 10mm Desert Angel.png
CQB-P 10mm "Desert Angel" Offense Recon Operator Offense +7.5% None Unlimited 26
Enduro L-R Assault Bike.png
"Enduro" L-R Assault Bike Offense Recon Operator Speed +25% None Unlimited 30
HN95 Assault Rifle.png
HN95 Assault Rifle Defense Mortar Infantry Defense +7.5% Offense -7.5% Unlimited 37
Jackal .50 Sniper Rifle.png
"Jackal" .50 Sniper Rifle Defense Heavy Sniper Defense +7.5% Capacity -30% Unlimited 36
M-64 Towed 130mm Cannon.png
M-64 Towed 130mm Cannon Defense Heavy Infantry Defense +12% Speed -25% 14 days 34
M720A8 60mm Mortar.png
M720A8 60mm Mortar Defense Mortar Infantry Defense +12% None 7 days 36
M7A2 - Sniffer Tear Gas.png
M7A2 "Sniffer" Tear Gas Offense Assault Infantry Defense Offense + 7.5% Speed -25% 7 days 26
Mini AP-M94 PAC-MAN.png
Mini AP-M94 "PAC-MAN" Defense Heavy Sniper, Mortar Infantry, "Vector" Defense +12% None 7 days 32
NICO Gunners Assault Pack.png
NICO Gunner's Assault Pack Offense Heavy Support Infantry Offense +10% Capacity -10% 7 days 38
Pallet Munitions - Small Arms.png
Pallet Munitions - Small Arms Other Resources Munitions +5% None 7 days 24
PP-3000 Semi-Auto w GL.png
PP-3000 Semi-Auto w/GL Offense Commando Offense +4% None Unlimited 38
PS-1 Punisher.png
PS-1 "Punisher" Offense Commando Offense +4% None Unlimited 38
Royal Orange Oil Contract.png
Royal Orange Oil Contract Other Resources Fuel +5% None 7 days 24
Sunshine Flamethrower.png
"Sunshine" Flamethrower Offense Assault Infantry Offense +10% Speed -20% 7 days 28
Thunder Short Barrel Silenced Rifle.png
"Thunder" Short Barrel Silenced Rifle Offense Sniper Scout Offense +100% None 7 days 38
Track Deploy - Mini.png
Track Deploy-Mini Offense Assault Infantry Capacity +25% Speed -25% Unlimited 32
Tritium Batteries.png
Tritium Batteries Offense Heavy Support Infantry Speed +25% None 7 days 36


Item Category Affects Bonus Penalty Duration Level Required
Anti-Shrapnel Shields.png
Anti-Shrapnel Shields Defense M22043 Creighton Defense +7.5% None 14 days 38
Jericho Inc. VIP Card.png
Jericho Inc. VIP card Offense Za'am Mk VI Construction Time -5% Cost +7% 14 days 44
M457 Extended Range Shell.png
M457 Extended Range Shell Offense M167A2 Vindicator Offense +7.5% Speed -25% 7 days 41
Rifleman Basic Issue.png
Rifleman Basic Issue Defense Commando Cost -10% None 14 days 38
Vindicator Active Sensor Auto Turret.png
"Vindicator" Active Sensor Auto Turret Other Base Base Defense +2000 None 7 days 26


Item Category Affects Bonus Penalty Duration Level Required
90mm Avenger Turret.png
90mm "Avenger" Turret Other Base Base Defense +3000 None 14 days 28
Advanced Tail Rotor.png
Advanced Tail Rotor Offense AH-24 Mohawk Speed +25% None Unlimited 55
FRAG Mounted Kit.png
Frag Mounted Kit Defense M22043 Creighton Defense +5% Offense -5% Unlimited 39
RRQ 2Gpx 360D4L Camera.png
RRQ 2Gpx 360D4L Camera Defense MQ-11B Counterintelligence Bonus 4% None Unlimited 20
Stealth Generator.png
Stealth Generator Defense Mz-29 Firedrake Defense +5% Offense -5% Unlimited 50
Syndicate Overseer.png
Syndicate Overseer Other Heavy Infantry Construction Time -5% None 7 days 32
Viber EMP Cannon.png
"Viber" EMP Cannon Defense M22043 Creighton Defense +5% None Unlimited 42
6wheeltroopcarrier2.gif "Donkey" 6-Wheel Troop Carrier Offense Paratrooper Capacity +100% None Unlimited 40

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