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Soldiers Inc. FAQ

I've completed all the required steps but the task won't complete.

1. Review all of the instructions carefully to ensure that you've completed all of the steps as indicated, and that any steps that require time to complete have finished - (e.g. that you've renegotiated the right Contract; waited for a raid to complete successfully; read the correct report after completing an action, etc.)

2. If you have done everything correctly, try clearing your browser cache and reloading the page.

How can I restart the game from the beginning?

You can't. While there are no dead ends in the game, there is also no restarting on the same account. Don't worry - even if you make some mistakes in the beginning, you can always develop your base up to a higher level and complete all of Mr. Black's tasks. Be sure to follow the instructions in the order that they're given or you'll slow down your base's development by using up your resources too quickly. If this happens, just wait until you collect enough to continue.

If you register the game on a new Facebook account, you may be subject to banning or restricted game access for violation of Facebook and Plarium's multi-accounting policies.

How can I use diamonds?

Diamonds are a premium resource that can be spent to speed up certain game actions, purchase units and premium content, and cut out the most time-consuming processes from your gameplay.

You can use diamonds to:

  • Instantly complete building construction, unit build queues, contract negotiations, etc.
  • Purchase contract referrals, resources and units at the Black Market.
  • Add special defensive improvements and structures to your base.

You can purchase diamonds from the bank window, or receive them for free for completing game actions, playing five days in a row, or placing in the top weekly rankings.

Can I send diamonds to other players?

You cannot trade, exchange, or gift diamonds to other players.

Where are my diamonds for completing missions?

All diamonds received for completing missions and achievements are added to your account automatically when the task is complete. If you've completed the requirements from a "Build Units" bonus task, the diamonds will be added immediately when the indicated number of units (100, 1,000, etc.) have finished construction - even if you are not currently playing or are logged out. When you log back in, you'll get a "Task Complete/Achievement Complete" message and the diamonds will have been added to your bank balance. Diamonds for completing achievements must be accepted either via the pop-up that shows up after completion or through the achievements window. You do not have to claim the rewards from achievements right away, you can hold them in reserve until you are better able to handle them.

If after checking your purchases you are 100% sure there has been an error and the diamonds have failed to add, please contact our support team.

Can I cancel an attack/construction/negotiation/upgrade?

Yes, you may cancel these actions within 50 seconds by pressing the "x" icon in the construction or tracking panel. You will recover 80% of the resources spent for any resource-based action you cancel.

When can I attack other bases?

You may begin attacking other bases as soon as you have offensive units, but you may want to wait until you are ready and take note of the following information:

Users who have been playing the game for less than 3 days may attack anyone. However, users that have been playing the game for more than 3 days may not attack a user that has been playing for less than 3 days unless the new player attacks first.

How do I modify or remove existing buildings?

Click the "Edit" button at the top of the right-hand panel. You can move and rotate all of your structures, but only improvements can be permanently deleted once they have been built. If you find yourself running out of room, you may expand your base by recruiting new friends to play or by spending diamonds. You may also use the edit function to upgrade your defenses to higher levels.

Why can't I hire a mercenary?

You can hire up to three mercenaries from your friends each day by going to the Mercenary Bar and clicking a friend's avatar. In addition to the three mercenaries you can create, your friends can recruit more for you by visiting your base and clicking your mercenary bar. Purchasing mercenary kits allows you to create up to 25 extra mercenaries each day (1 extra per kit). You may support up to 50 mercenaries simultaneously.

Why can't my friend add mercenaries to my army?

A player can only support 50 mercenaries at a given time. Also a friend can only recruit one mercenary for you each day. If you are at 50 mercenaries or they have already recruited one for you, they will not have the option to recruit another one.

What do I do if I'm being harassed by a player?

Soldiers Inc. is a highly competitive massive multiplayer strategy game. While we ask that all players treat each other with courtesy and respect, "acts of aggression" are a fundamental part of this game, and anything allowed by the game rules is considered fair play. For example, repeated raids and occupations are not considered abusive behavior, as they're an integral part of the gameplay. Try building a large army and fighting back, joining a Combine, or recruiting some partners to help you.

If a player becomes verbally abusive, use the "Block User" option to add the user to your blacklist. You will no longer receive messages from blocked users. If a user continues to engage in abusive or threatening behavior as outlined by the game policies on our website, report the user to Facebook and file a report with our customer support team, including as much detail as possible. If you feel credibility threatened, contact Facebook or your local law enforcement.

I don't see my Raid points reflected in the Rankings.

Raid ranking points are calculated as the difference between the resources you've seized and the resources that have been stolen from your base. If your resource balance is negative, your current raid points will read 0.

Why didn't I recover any reward from ZHG locations?

You will not necessarily receive a payout with each successful completion of Search and Destroy missions. As you engage in Zheng Shi Locations, you are earning cumulative credit toward payouts of units or resources. The way your credit pays out is randomized between different types and numbers of units and resources. Don't get discouraged, the longer you go between payouts, the larger your eventual bonus will be!

I've purchased a new layout, but my base looks the same.

Once you've purchased a new base layout to must go to the Black Market and click "Apply" to apply it to your base. Refresh the page to view your new base layout.

What do defensive buildings do? What is my defense bonus?

There are two kinds of defensive structures - passive and active.

Passive defensive structures include walls, towers, and improvements. All of these additions contribute to your base's total defense bonus. The amount is added directly to your active defense total to get your final defense total in a defensive battle on your base.

Active defenses include automated gun turrets and artillery emplacements. Unlike walls, gun turrets and artillery will actively participate in defensive battles just like one of your regular units - unlike normal units, when they're damaged they can be repaired and brought back online for free by you or by friends as many times as needed. Active defenses also contribute to your overall defense bonus.

Note: there is no difference between gun turrets and artillery turrets aside from their appearance.

One of my convoys is missing. Where is it?

Check the "Convoys" tab at the Logistic Exchange and check both "Loaded Convoys" and "Convoys in Transit". If you still don't see it, change the timeframe from "Current" to "Expired". Cancel any expired trade offers to release your convoys.

I outnumbered my enemy, but still lost all my units. Why?

There are two types of unit designations: Offensive and Defensive. The designation of the units and their total offensive/defensive rating against each respective unit category is used to calculate the outcome of each battle - not the total number of units. Sending 200 sappers to attack 10 Mz-29 Firedrake helicopters will result in a loss. If your base was attacked while only garrisoned by offensive units, they will most likely be unable to repel the attack as their defensive stats are too low. Generally you should use offensive units for offensive actions and defensive units for defensive actions. In addition to the number of units and their designations, the outcome of the battle is also determined by each unit's individual statistics, the player's relative base defense bonuses, allied reinforcements, and their respective upgrade levels.

I killed all enemy units, but lost the battle. Why?

When you attack a base, your battle report shows only those enemy units that you have killed, not the total number of enemy forces garrisoned at the enemy base. Launch a recon drone mission before deploying an attack, successful recon reports will show the exact number of units at an enemy base.

I attacked an unclaimed depot, but there were enemy units.

All new depots which appear on the map start off as vacant and unclaimed. If a player sends defensive units to a depot as reinforcements, the depot will still be shown on the map as an unclaimed location. Remember that if it looks too good to be true - it's probably a trap. Send MQ-11B drones to recon a depot before occupying it.

How do I find my user ID?

Click the "Field Manual" icon on the top menu bar. Your user ID is shown in the bottom-left part of the window.

Ex. uid 311 / fb11347969 / segment01.

Click on your ID to copy it to your clipboard.

I see overlapping images in Google Chrome. What should I do?

If you have problems correctly viewing the game in Google Chrome (it overlaps the top menu or you are unable to view the "Bank" menu), try the following:

  1. Enter "chrome://plugins" (without inverted commas) in the browser's address bar.
  2. Disable "Shockwave Flash" in the Plug-ins window.
  3. Reload the game.
  4. You'll see a message stating that Flash Player is required to run the application. Click "Download Flash Player".
  5. Close all Google Chrome windows and re-launch.
  6. Login to the game.

If you still have any issues or concerns, please contact the Plarium Support Team.

What happens if I don't click my resource buildings?

Even if you don't click your Munitions Factories and Oil Derricks, 50% of your Resource production will still continue to accumulate in your permanent storage automatically. The other 50% of your Fuel and Munitions production is stored in each building's internal storage, and must be transferred to permanent storage manually. As you upgrade these buildings, both their production and their internal storage will increase.

How do I enter Full Screen mode?

You may enter full screen by clicking the full screen button located beneath your current diamond total.

How to get troops out of the bunker?

If you need to get your troops out of the Bunker, either click on the Bunker building or go to your Command Center. Recall troops from either building.

How do I change my name in the game?

Your game name is connected with your Facebook name. If you wish to change your name in the game, then you need to change it with Facebook and changes are reflected in the game afterwards.

What are Combines?

Combines are player organizations. They allow players to work together in defense, offense, and the claiming of Complexes for Combine ranking and the ability to upgrade units through the use of funds. Funds are only available from complexes and only Combines can control those complexes.

Can I move my base?

No. There is no mechanism available for move your base. Interactions between friends will never take more than one hour to complete regardless of where you are on the map. Likewise depots and complexes are no more than one hour away. If you are experiencing unwanted attacks, the simplest way to deter further attacks is to upgrade your bunker to protect greater amounts of resources and to hide your troops in the bunker until you have accumulated enough to fend off the attacks.

How does the Field Hospital work?

When you sustain troop losses in battle, a portion of those troops will be available for reviving in the Field Hospital. You may then use diamonds to heal the wounded troops. The cost of healing a unit is 50% of what it would cost to buy the unit outright from the Black Market. However, you only have a limited time to heal the troops before they are lost forever.

How to get referrals?

There are currently only four ways to get referrals.

  1. Each day you login you will gain one new referral from the contracts you are currently attempting to research.
  2. You may purchase one referral daily from the black market.
  3. You may trade excess referrals over the Logistic Exchange for referrals you still need.
  4. Other players may send you referrals out right if they want, up to two a day.

How to expand my Combine?

Currently expanding the combine is primarily a task for the CEO. Other members may send the CEO resources for the upgrades up to the daily and weekly exchange limits, but it is up to the CEO to complete the upgrade. This means that the CEO must have the capacity to hold the necessary resources and of course they must then have enough resources to complete the transaction. To perform the upgrade perform the following:

  1. Click the Joint Ops Center
  2. Click My Combine.
  3. Click Upgrade Combine.

If you have the resources, the upgrade will be completed immediately and you will be able to add 10 more players to your Combine.


Warning: The following section and contract links contain spoilers to the mission storyline.

Project Torchlight is a winding storyline intended to direct the player and give focus and purpose to being a Commander of a Syndicate base in the conflict of Zandia. The series of side missions consists of 24 contracts that unravel a mysterious conspiracy and challenge, scaling in difficulty from very easy to extremely difficult. The last few missions can be considered by many as 'end game' style quests requiring massive amounts of time, building, planning and strategy to complete.

Rewards come in the form of quest advancement as subsequent missions unlock and rare, elite Syndicate and strategic units for the player to use.

Enemies Encountered

Enemies encountered are always your standard mixed bag of Zheng Shi forces consisting of varying quantities of Tiger Commando, Roughneck Heavy Infantry, Dingo Armor and Jackal Combat Aviation.


Syndicate Contract 1: Coloniel Waiguru

Syndicate Contract 2: Emilio Tessinger

Syndicate Contract 3: Early Retirement

Syndicate Contract 4: Loose Cannon

Syndicate Contract 5: Good Samaritan

Syndicate Contract 6: Recover and Eliminate

Syndicate Contract 7: A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Syndicate Contract 8: Inside Job

Syndicate Contract 9: Collateral Damage

Syndicate Contract 10: Mixed Signals

Syndicate Contract 11: Blame No One

Syndicate Contract 12: Imminent Threat

Syndicate Contract 13: On The Run

Syndicate Contract 14: Extreme Prejudice

Syndicate Contract 15: Plausible Deniability

Syndicate Contract 16: Dangerous Liaisons

Syndicate Contract 17: Ghosts

Syndicate Contract 18: Old Friends

Syndicate Contract 19: Revelations

Syndicate Contract 20: A Change of Plans

Syndicate Contract 21: Loose Ends

Syndicate Contract 22: Project Torchlight

Syndicate Contract 23: Playing God

Syndicate Contract 24: Unfortunate Casualties

Battle Mechanics

The battles are treated the same way as Search & Destroy missions and use the Search & Destroy battle mechanics when determining the outcome, experience and surviving units for the player. Although the site names may change, they are treated just like the random S&D sites with no special bonuses applied to the ZHG units. Some site names are unique to the campaign and are only available during playthrough.

Note: That once you beat a contract you can advance to the next level, provided you meet the prerequisites to unlock subsequent missions. The remaining mission can be completed at any time by visiting the Syndicate Contracts tab in your Radar. Once completed, the mission cannot be replayed and is no longer available for selection or browsing.

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