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A combine is an organization of players, unified towards a common goal and collectively stronger as a result. Combines allow players to share an identity, progress as a team and conquer territory unavailable to solo players.

A combine is run similarly to a corporation, with a CEO as a figurehead, Executive Officers who help make major decisions and run day-to-day operations, Brigadiers who assist in daily military operations, and ranks of soldiers who make up the rest of the Combine.

A combine has a ranked value, which is largely determined by territory controlled through Mining Complexes. This territory can be modified by both the Development Level of the held Mining Complexes and Combine Achievements that increase the rank/territory percentage.


A Combine's Rank is determined by the territory it holds, modified by the Development Levels of the Mining Complexes it controls, and the level and number of Combine Achievements is has collectively obtained.

Membership, individual Players' Base sizes and Player Levels do not modify the Combine's rank.

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