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The Legend of Beacons
Beacon and Balur

In the days after Weor the Dreamer gave his life defeating the forces of Balur, his wife Eir, Goddess of Light, sank into mourning for her lost husband. Years passed, and her grief only deepened, consuming her strength. She is dying, and every day since the rays of the Sun have shone weaker than the last. In the days when the Seven Kings stood united, the Lesser Gods and the peoples of Stormfall began raising the great Beacons of Darkshine - sacred temples that would blaze a light upon the world should the day come when the Sun slips forever over the horizon.

But the Kings fell, and with them the Empire. The Races fell upon each other to claim the remaining scraps, and the great project went unfinished. The Beacons stand empty and incomplete, their great purpose forgotten by all but the minions of Balur. As the light weakens, the darkness grows ever deeper. The forces of Chaos prepare to move against the Beacons, sealing the fate of Darkshine when the last light fades. It now lies with the new Lords of Stormfall to unite the Empire, reclaim the Beacons, and finish what was begun - before all is forever cast into darkness.

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