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You will gain access to a variety of different kinds of Units: Pirate Crew, Mercenary Crew, Fleet Units, and Armada Units. You can use them to protect your Haven, blockade or raid other Havens, and support your Shipmates in coordinated campaigns. Research Discoveries and construct new Buildings to unlock new, more powerful Units.

Offensive vs. Defensive

A Unit will either be Offensive or Defensive (with the exception of Dark Corsairs which have the same value for both). To see more detailed stats on a Unit's effectiveness against a specific category of opponent, click on its icon before purchasing it. A Red border indicates an Offensive Unit, a Green border indicates a Defensive Unit. Defensive units are at a disadvantage when attacking, but are highly effective at protecting a Haven. Conversely, Offensive units are heavily weighted towards offensive maneuvers, but have a low defense value. A good tactic is to develop dedicated forces of either Offensive or Defensive units tasked with taking or holding Havens, respectively.

Regular vs. Veteran Units

There are two variants of every unit in the game - regular and Veteran. Regular units are purchased with Gold, Lumber and Rum. Veteran units are purchased primarily with Rubies and cost significantly less Resources than Regular units. Regular and Veteran units are otherwise identical in performance and stats.

Unit Statistics

Your Navy is divided into four different branches: Pirates, Mercenaries, Fleet, and Armada. Each one of these branches fields 4 different units - 2 Offensive and 2 Defensive. Each of these units have their own particular balance of effectiveness against Offensive or Defensive units of each branch. Click on the question mark or directly on the image of the unit to find out detailed information about its strengths and weakness.

Each in addition to combat statistics, each naval unit has the following characteristics:

  • Cost: the amount of Resources and Rubiesspent for production;
  • Capacity: The amount of Resources the unit can steal on raids;
  • Speed: The speed at which this unit travels on the Map;
  • Production time: The amount of time required to produce each unit.

Using your Units

All combat units are produced by specific Naval buildings . Once purchased, you can either use them yourself or they can be sent to Shipmates as Reinforcements. Reinforcements cannot be used for offense - only for defense. Research new Discoveries to unlock new types of units. The higher the level of Discovery, the stronger the unit will be during an engagement.

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