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Capture the Flag Tournament

The Capture the Flag Tournament sees Leagues from across Darkshine battle one another for the control of special objects - Flags! Every League participating in this Tournament will start out with its Flag located in its League Capital. Your main objective is to capture as many rival Leagues' Flags as possible: the more Flags your League collects, the more Points your League will earn!

Better still, if your League's Flag is in your League Capital at the end of the Tournament, you shall receive a Bonus that will be added to your total Tournament Points. You will also receive a Buff, which will help you to improve your Castle and army, as well as helping you to gain more Influence and Experience Points.



There are five types of Flags, marked I-V. The numeral on a League's Flag indicates the Tier that Coalitionis in. The stronger the League's Tier, the greater the numeral on the Flag - and the more Points you shall receive for capturing it!

To capture a Flag, you must carry out a successful attack on a rival League Capital. If the League Capital you attack currently holds their own Flag, you will capture it from them. If it currently holds your Flag, you will return it to your own League Capital.

If the Capital you attack holds multiple Flags belonging to other Leagues, you will capture HALF of the remaining Flags. The remaining Flags are selected at random, so be careful: you could accidentally take Flags belonging to your Friends – although if this does happen, you can return them to their original owners.

If your Flag is in your League Capital when the Tournament ends, your League will receive 1 Buff, and a Bonus of 25% shall be added to your League's Tournament Point total.

Please note: If you attack a League Fortress that is more than one Tier lower than your own, you will not be able to capture that League's Flag. However, you may still downgrade the League Fortress if you do attack it. If the League is in possession of your Flag you will be able to rescue it. If they are held in this League Fortress, you may also capture Flags that originally belonged to Leagues in your Tier. You may also capture Flags that originally belonged to Leagues in the Tier directly below you, or to Leagues in the Tiers above you.


To participate in the Tournament, your League must have a Capital of Level 3 or higher when the Tournament begins. This must have been constructed at least 24 hours prior to the start of the Tournament.

No Leagues will be allowed to join the Tournament AFTER it has started.

All participating Leagues are divided into Tiers according to their positions in the League Rankings when the Tournament starts. Each League shall receive a Flag, which will be located at the League’s Capital at the start of the Tournament. The value of this Flag depends on the owner League’s Tier.

If your Capital is successfully attacked, you shall receive temporary protection from further attacks. This will apply as follows:

- TWO hours' protection against the League that launched the most recent successful attack;

- ONE hours' protection against all other Leagues.

If a League under protection launches an attack against another League Capital , that League shall lose their protection against the League they have attacked.

NOTE: There are no restrictions on attacking a League Fortress that has your League’s Flag.

Participation and Interaction


The Top 10 Leagues in each Tier shall each be rewarded with valuable bonuses - Buffs and Debuffs. These are positive and negative Effects that affect all Members of the Leagues to which they are applied, except for Neophytes.



- Buffs can ONLY be applied to your own League

- Debuffs can only be assigned to Leagues in the same Tier as your own

- The Top 3 Leagues in each Tier shall receive a special Reward, rendering them immune to the effects of, if not all, a certain number of Debuffs

- Leagues that finish in first place in their Tiers will win the most powerful Protection Reward, guaranteeing them total immunity from Debuffs.

- You must have Diplomatic Status Privileges to be able to apply Buffs and assign Debuffs

- Buffs and Debuffs will expire 7 days after the end of the Tournament. This means that if a Buff is applied 2 days after the Tournament has ended, its effect will only last 5 days.

- Your League may apply up to 5 Buffs and assign up to 5 Debuffs (10 Effects in total).

- Your League can only apply 3 Buffs of the SAME type and assign 2 Debuffs of the same Type to any one League.


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