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Coalition Capital

Coalition Capital

,,The gods have gifted their chosen warriors in Hellas with something truly remarkable: Coalition Capitals!

The battle to rule Hellas has never been more fiercely waged, and you mustn’t attempt to strike out on your own lest you be defeated!

To tilt the odds in your favor, your Coalition must come together and find one location from which to rule. The gods have heard your cries and gifted you with Coalition Capitals!

Coalition Capitals are special Buildings that bring together the forces of a Coalition and strengthen the armies of its Members. You can protect and upgrade your own Coalition Capital, or engage rival Capitals by attacking and downgrading them. If you are successful, this will see their Levels reduced, and limit the bonuses they are able to receive.

As if that wasn’t reason enough, having a central Coalition Capital allows your Coalition to develop Disciplines, which provide enormous bonuses to all your Coalition Members’ armies.


Coalition Capitals have 21 levels (0-20). When first constructed, Coalition Capitals will be at Level 3, but can be downgraded to zero by rival Coalitions. The higher the Level of your Coalition Capital, the greater the bonuses it is able to provide to your Coalition Members.

Each upgrade Level grants you additional Influence Points and increases the bonuses you are able to receive from your Disciplines.

Founding a Coalition Capital

The option to found a Coalition Capital is only available to Hegemons, if the Capital is not built yet. The Coalition Capital can be built for free.

When creating the Capital, a Coalition Hegemon has to select its location.

The initial choice of location is only available to Coalition Hegemons.

The second choice of the Capital’s location (Teleportation) is available to Coalition Hegemon and those who have Capital management rights.

Please note that you will need special Teleportation Items to be able to relocate your Coalition Capital.

Coalition Capital’s Purpose

The Coalition Capital provides new opportunities called Coalition Disciplines. They will give bonuses to every Coalition Members. There will be both individual and Coalition Bonuses. In addition, they will extend your Coalition’s Influence! Every Coalition Discipline can be upgraded to Level 20. Note that Coalition Disciplines are dependent upon the Level of the Capital. For example, let’s say your Coalition Capital is upgraded to Level 10, and a Coalition Discipline is Level 10 as well. When the Capital is downgraded to Level 9, the Discipline Level will stay the same, but the bonus it gives is going to be Level 9 until the Capital is upgraded back to Level 10. Upgrading Coalition Discipline is not dependent upon the Level of your Coalition Capital. In other words, even with a Capital of Level 0 your Coalition can max out the Disciplines. Upgrading your Coalition Disciplines will require Medals.

Attention! Pantheons will not be replaced. They will stay in the game along with Coalition Capitals.

Managing your Coalition Capital

Once your Hegemon has founded a Capital, your Coalition can start upgrading it. The upgrade progress will be displayed in the “Info” tab of your Capital as well as all the active bonuses your Units receive from the Capital. You will be able to change your Coalition Capital’s name there, too. In other words, using this tab, Archon, you will be able to keep track of all the Capital affairs. There will also be a “Garrisons” tab where you will be able to see the number of Units defending the Capital.

To upgrade your Coalition Capital, you will need to go to the “Info” tab. This action can be performed by either the Coalition Hegemon or any other Coalition Members that have the rights to do so. Please note that there are several conditions that have to be met for you to be able to upgrade your Coalition Capital:


Your Coalition has a sufficient amount of Tools.

You captured the necessary amount of Pantheons, and they are of certain Levels (those amounts will be different for different Levels).

Your Coalition has a certain position in the Rankings.

You have downgraded an enemy Coalition Capital of a certain Level.

If the Coalition Hegemon is changed, the Capital management rights go to the new Hegemon . The Capital ceases to exist after the Coalition is dismissed.

If a Capital is teleported, all Reinforcements sent there will return to the Cities of players that sent them.

Coalition Capitals can be added to Contacts.

Coalition Capital Resources

There are two types of Resources: Tools and Medals.

Tools are used to upgrade the Capital. They can be received as Rewards in Tournaments or purchased with Drachmas. Using Drachmas you can only purchase the amount of Tools required to upgrade the Capital to the next Level.

Medals are required to upgrade Coalition Disciplines in the Capital. They can also be received as Rewards in Coalition Contracts or purchased with Drachmas.

Please note that the Points earned in game challenges will go towards the Coalition’s balance, not your personal one. If an Archon quits the Coalition, Tools and Medals earned by him will not be added to his balance. They will remain on the Coalition balance.

Coalition Capital Downgrade

Archons, your Coalition Capital can be downgraded if your rivals successfully attack it. So make sure it is well protected!

If another Coalition successfully attacks your Capital while an upgrade is NOT in progress, your Capital will be downgraded by one Level, and 50% of the Tools spent on the most recent upgrade will be returned to your Coalition.

If another Coalition manages to perform a successful attack on your Capital while it is being upgraded, the upgrade will fail, and your Capital will be downgraded by one Level. Your Coalition will get back 75% of the Tools spent on the attempted upgrade, as well as 50% of the Tools spent on the most recent successful upgrade.

The downgrade is impossible when your Coalition Capital is at Level 5; in other words, once you reach Level 5, your enemies will not be able to downgrade your Coalition Capital below that Level, so you do not have to start upgrading it all over again.

Battle interactions

Archons may send Private and Coalition Attacks against Coalition Capitals of rival Coalitions. An Attack is not a Raid or a Siege; it is an assault with the purpose of killing Units. All battle actions work the same way as with Emporia. Attacks and Spying attempts can be launched against a rival Capital if it is not under protection. Attacks against Coalition Capitals cannot be sent by Archons that are not in a Coalition or by Coalitions that have no Coalition Capital. It is important to mention that you will not be able to see the Attacks coming to your Coalition Capital. You can send Reinforcements to your Coalition Capital. Units lost in combat are placed in their owner’s Healer (regular rules apply).

Available Coalition Disciplines


Grain Consumption Reduction

Unit Speed Increase

Light Infantry Defense

Heavy Infantry Defense

Phalanx Defense

Cavalry Defense

Light Infantry Offense

Heavy Infantry Offense

Phalanx Offense

Cavalry Offense

The Discipline bonus only applies to the four basic Unit groups.

Limits and special features

Each Coalition can only have one Capital.

Units move to the Capital at the same speed as they do to Pantheons (x24 times faster).

Protection against Attacks lasts for the first 24 hours after its creation. During that time, none of the Coalition Members can Attack other Coalitions’ Capitals.

The Coalition Capital gets a 24-hour protection after it was downgraded. Additionally, it cannot be further downgraded for some time. Note: The Coalition Capital can still be attacked.

Force Limits: Maximum Private and Coalition Attacks are the same as attacks on Pantheons (subject to change).

Important! Scholars will not be able to

  1. visit Coalition Capitals;
  2. interact with them (attack, spy, send Reinforcements);
  3. take advantage of the Coalition Capital Bonuses.

Scholars will be able to see the Capital on the Map.


Diplomacy determines interactions with the Coalition Capital in the same way it does with the Pantheons.

  1. Players in friendly Coalitions (Peace status) cannot attack each other’s Coalition Capitals.
  2. Allies can attack your Coalition Capital. Attack limits are standard.
  3. Neutral players can attack your Coalition Capital. Attack limits are standard.
  4. Enemies can attack your Coalition Capital. Attack limits are standard.
  5. In a Challenge, players of the other Coalition can attack your Coalition Capital. Attack limits are standard.
  6. During War, players of the other Coalition can attack your Coalition Capital. No Attack limits.

Good luck out there, Archons!