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Campaign Adventures are special missions given to you by Edward "Blackbeard" Teach.

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Campaign Adventures

You must attack and defend regular Prizes in order unlock new adventures in this Campaign. Those Captains who have progressed through many high-level Prizes will find many of these Adventures unlocked. By completing these Adventures you will be able to receive the rare Brethren Units for your fleet.

All Campaign Adventure Prizes are GUARANTEED to pay out Brethren Units if successfully completed. These Units have increased speed and a reduced Rum consumption compared to regular Units.

Q: Why did I stop getting new Campaign Adventures?

A: To unlock further Campaign Adventures, you must complete the indicated Prize missions, located on the Lighthouse interface. Go to your Lighthouse and select the Adventures tab to see how to unlock other missions.

If you have completed all 24 of Campaign Adventures, then there are no further Adventures to unlock for the moment.

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