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Bonus Task - Purchase an Improvised LZ


Purchase an Improvised LZ Intro

Not enough Fuel? Low on Ammo?

Build the Improvised LZ to receive up to 25% more Munitions and Fuel daily! The Improvised LZ is a one-time investment with a long-term payoff, offering permanent benefits with zero cost to repair or upgrade.

Mission Objectives

Buy An Improvised LZ Instructions

Purchase an Improvised LZ from the Construction Menu, Resource Tab, Find the Improvised LZ and click 'Build.' Place the Kit anywhere within your base.

Note: The Improvised LZ is and cannot be built with standard resources.

Improvised LZ

Purchasing the Improvised LZ will start at 0% increase, and each level of upgrade will add 5% to your production building's total base income per hour, up to a maximum of 25% at Level 6, as well as add +100 EXP.


Improvised LZ


Completing the Bonus Task - Purchase an Improvised LZ will reward the Player with 100 Experience

Completion Text

Conditional prerequisite

Bonus Task - Purchase an Improvised LZ is only available if the Player has not already purchased and placed the building. Once the Improvised LZ is purchased and placed, this task will no longer become attainable in the Bonus Task rotation.