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Bonus Task - Buy A Mercenary Kit


Buy A Mercenary Kit Intro

Purchasing Mercenary Kits allows you to increase the maximum number of Mercenaries you can recruit each day at the Mercenary Bar.

Mission Objectives

Buy A Mercenary Kit Intro

Purchase a Mercenary Kit from the Construction Menu, Improvements Tab (Premium Content) and place the Kit within your base.

Buy A Mercenary Kit Intro

Note: Purchasing the Mercenary Kit will add +6 Defensive Bonus to your base, as well as add +50 EXP in addition to the task reward.


Buy A Mercenary Kit Intro


Completing the Bonus Task - Buy A Mercenary Kit will reward the Player with 100 Experience

Completion Text

Excellent! Now they've got the tools, the training and the wheels to get the job done. Remember that you can always come back and pick up more Mercenary Kits to outfit a larger force.

Conditional prerequisite

Bonus Task - Buy a Mercenary Kit is only available if the Player has 24 Mercenary Kits already placed in the base or less. Once the 25th Mercenary Kit is placed, the Base Limit of 25 Kits has been reached and this task will no longer become attainable in the Bonus Task rotation. The only exemption is if the Player choose to Destroy one of the existing Mercenary Kits through the Edit option while viewing the base layout.