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Bonus Task - Purchase a v195 "Samson" MBT


Purchase a v195 "Samson" MBT Intro

Strategic Units (SU's) are here in the Black Market in order to provide enhanced firepower and multiply the effectiveness of your Regular Units. An SU deployed with a full support group of troops within its Class will enable you and your team powerful bonuses in regards to Combat Statistics.

Move now to the Black Market IOT acquire a new kit!

Mission Objectives

Instructions for the Task

Purchase a v195 "Samson" MBT from the Black Market; Strategic Units tab (Premium Content) and purchase a v195 "Samson" MBT

v195 "Samson" MBT as seen in the Black Market

Note: Purchasing the v195 "Samson" MBT will add 1 v195 "Samson" MBT to your armor offense.


Completion of the Task


Completing the Bonus Task - Purchase a v195 "Samson" MBT will reward the Player with 100 Experience and 5 Za'am Mk VI armor units.

Completion Text


Conditional prerequisite

Bonus Task - Purchase a v195 "Samson" MBT is only available if the Player has constructed the Black Market