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Bonus Task - Buy a RSL-150 "Harpy"


Buy a RSL-150 "Harpy" Intro

Strategic Units (SU's) are here in the Black Market in order to provide enhanced firepower and multiply the effectiveness of your Regular Units. An SU deployed with a full support group of troops within its Class will enable you and your team powerful bonuses in regards to Combat Statistics.

Move now to the Black Market IOT acquire a new kit!

Mission Objectives

RSL-150 "Harpy" as seen in the Black Market

Purchase a RSL-150 "Harpy" from the Black Market, Strategic Units tab (Premium Content) and purchase a RSL-150 "Harpy"

Instructions for the Task

Note: Purchasing the RSL-150 "Harpy" will add 1 Harpy to your air defense.



Completing the Bonus Task - Buy A RSL-150 "Harpy" will reward the Player with 100 Experience and 5 MZ-29 Firedrake Combat Air units.

Completion Text


Conditional prerequisite

Bonus Task - Buy a RSL-150 "Harpy" is only available if the Player has constructed the Black Market.