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Brotherhood Naval Academy

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The main objectives of the Brotherhood Naval Academy are to increase the share of players that are involved in Brotherhood activity and to educate the newbies on how to develop in the game.

How to join

Player may join an Academy within a Brotherhood to hone their skills, gain new knowledge and experience, and become an integral part of Brotherhood life.

Go to your Brethren Court, and click “Join Now”.

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If you haven’t decided which Brotherhood or Academy to apply for, click “Join random Brotherhood” at the bottom of the screen.


How to create

All Brotherhood Leaders are empowered to start a Brotherhood Naval Academy in which to train potential Crewmen.

Brotherhood Leader can customize Brotherhood Settings to automatically place candidates in his/her region and language who are looking for a Brotherhood to join. He/she may allocate associations between key Brotherhood Members and Cadets in the Academy as his/her black hear desires, and customize its size and recruitment parameters.

Go to your Brethren Court, open the “My Brotherhood” tab, find "Brotherhood Description" and click the “Brotherhood Settings,” then enter the required level for joining your Academy, preferred language, and the number of Brotherhood Membership slots you allot as training space for Cadets.

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Cadet is a newly added rank which allows Brotherhood Leaders to train low-level players under the watchful eye of salty Captains. The Brethren Court has also voted to add another 2 Ranks – Ambassador and Scout. These permit no special new abilities, but will allow you to designate Brotherhood Members to conduct diplomacy and gather intelligence.

New statistics tab at the Brethern Court

Brotherhood Leader the one entrusted with such authority can easily keep track of other Brotherhood members' units.

View Brotherhood Statistics. Who can do it

If you are a Brotherhood Leader or designated to that position, go to your Brethren Court, open the "My Brotherhood" tab and look at the "Statistics" Section. Click the “Brotherhood Settings” icon and select which ranks are entrusted to view Brotherhood Statistics.

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How to find Brotherhood Statistics

All empowered Captains can view Statistics in the following way:

Go to the “Brethren Court” and open the “My Brotherhood” tab.

Click the “Statistics” section and choose information you wish displayed.

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