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Bonus Tasks

Occasionally Soldiers Inc offers the Player a way to gain experience by completing various Bonus Tasks. The majority of these tasks involve Premium Content. Players are given 72 hours to complete the task from the day they are randomly assigned. Once the Bonus Task is clicked upon from the left mission sidebar, and the Player clicks "Next" The Task Icon changes to include a clock, counting down until the task expires. Uncompleted tasks are forfeited and the bonus is not collected. After the task expires another is randomly chosen at a later date.

A Player can use these tasks to gain additional experience, rewards and bonuses if they time the missions correctly. If a Player plans to purchase an Engineer to augment the build queue via Premium Content, if the Bonus-Task also lines up with the purchase, additional experience is granted versus a straightforward Premium Content purchase. Players may want to wait on non-critical upgrades, such as Mercenary Kits until the Bonus-Task for Purchasing a Mercenary Kit is available to maximize the Return on Investment (ROI).

Enhance Your Base

Enhance your Base Defense, buy an Accessory or Hire an Engineer. Purchasing a Base Defensive structure is made from the Construction Menu, Defense Tab

Bonus Task - Build a Turret

Bonus Task - Build an Artillery Emplacement

Bonus Task - Hire an Engineer

Bonus Task - Purchase an Improvised LZ

Bonus Task - Purchase a Mercenary Kit

Purchase a Strategic Unit

Purchase a Strategic Unit, such as a Harpy, Ghost Corps or Excalibur. Purchasing a Strategic Unit is made from the Black Market, Strategic Units Tab

Bonus Task - Purchase a Ghost Corps

Bonus Task - Purchase a "Terminator"

Bonus Task - Purchase an A13 "Reilly"

Bonus Task - Purchase a HISG "Cardinal"

Bonus Task - Purchase a v195 "Samson" MBT

Bonus Task - Purchase a TASV "Typhoon"

Bonus Task - Purchase an F-32 "Excalibur"

Bonus Task - Purchase a RSL-150 "Harpy"

Bonus Task - Purchase a QR-14 "Big Brother"

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