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Black Market

The Black Market is your one-stop location to purchase items that will improve your game. A player can access the black market by:

  • Clicking on the "black market building once built.
  • Clicking on the Black Market Icon to the right of your game screen.

Inside the market

There are 7 tabs to grant you access to the different departments in the Black Market.

  • Resources - This tab allows a player to acquire Fuel, Ammo or rations.
  • Referrals - This tab allows a player to purchase referrals to complete a Contracts set.
  • Base Layouts - This tab allows a player access to different layouts to their base increasing Defense Points and the over all look of the base from the map view.
  • Field Hospital - this tab allows a player to revive a percentage of troops lost in battle.
  • Influence Points (IPs) - This tab allows a player to spend IP points, acquired during regular game play, in various game enhancing ways such as the new Syndicate Tactical Assault Group contracts, increased Convoy capacity and Target Contact slots.
  • Miscellaneous (Misc.) - This tab gives a player access to Stimulants, Executive packages, Boosts and Special Items including Base relocators.

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