Beacon Massacre Tournament

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The Event Of The Year Is Upon Us!

Revive 90% Of Your Fallen For FREE!

Fight In The Beacon Massacre Event Now!

Lords and Ladies of Stormfall! A monumental Event begins today! This Beacon Massacre Event is open to all League Members. It presents a unique opportunity to seize control of Beacons held by and remap your League’s borders without the risk of weakening your army long-term! Leagues are tasked with engaging in PvP battle at Beacons to gain Influence over Darkshine. As soon as the Event comes to an end, you shall be able to revive 90% of the Units you lost in the Massacre at Beacons for FREE! If you cannot wait until the Event’s completion, those 90% can also be revived with Sapphires while the Event is running. The rest of your fallen warriors can be revived in the Infirmary as usual. Please note that only those Units lost while fighting against rival Lords and Ladies can be revived for free. Be aware of the following:

  • Any of Balur’s Orcish warriors you eliminate at Beacons shall not count towards your Units Slain Tally, and thus will not affect your position in the Rankings.
  • Any Units lost as part of a League Attack must be revived at the Infirmaries in their home Castles. It would be wise to ensure that all participating Leaguemates are aware of this before a League Attack is launched.
  • Certain League Achievements shall be impossible to earn while the Beacon Massacre Event is ongoing.
  • Units defeated and Beacons captured and downgraded during the Beacon Massacre Event will not count towards League Challenge or War scores!

This is a fast-paced Event that will only run for a short period of time and it begins today! Make haste, and make your mark upon Darkshine!



As this tournament is only related to your League, not being in a League makes you unable to participate!

During this tournament, many beacons will be targeted! Think strategic, make sure you don't underestimate yourself nor your enemy, and fight for your glory!

You'll possibly recognize the Beacon Massacre Tournament with this icon:

SF Beacon Massacre Icon.png


You'll be able to revive 90% of your fallen troops for FREE! Though, remember that it's only possible after the event has finished! Furthermore, this 90% doesn't apply to your total loss, but the losses from each battle at the Beacons.

You can find your fallen troops under the 'Massacre' tab in your Infirmary.

SF Beacon Massacre Infirmary.png

Important Notes

  • There's no final rewards in this tournament!
  • It only goes on for a short period of time.

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