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Relocators:Precise & Random Relocators.


Relocate your Base to New Coordinates. You can now move your base of operations closer to Mining Complexes or Associates. Update:18/09/2015.

From now on, you can relocate your Base to a new location on the Map by using Relocators. On the Map, you will see new places called Vacant Lots. These are designated locations to which you can move your Base. When a Base is relocated, it will leave behind a Vacant Lot. Vacant Lots cannot be raided, occupied, reconned, etc.

Relocators are special items that are used to change the location of a Base. There are 2 types of Relocators:


  • A Random Relocator can be used to relocate a Base to a RANDOM Vacant Lot.


  • A Precise Relocator can be used to relocate a Base to a SPECIFIC Vacant Lot.


After relocating your Base, you will need to wait about 5 minutes before you may use another Relocator.

Once you relocate your Base, you CAN NOT move it back to its previous coordinates.

Bookmarks: if a bases location is clanged, it coordinates in your bookmarks will be automatically updated.


Vacant Lots

A commander will see areas called "Vacant Lots" on the map. These are places where bases can be moved. A Vacant Lot is created when a Base relocates Or when a player has been inactive for a very long time.

Vacant Lots Can NOT be raided, Occupied, recconed, ect.

Your Units will be returned if you have sent units to a base that turns in to a vacant lot while traveling there.

Keep in mind: When a player uses a Relocator, any units stationed at his or her base, either as reinforcements or as an occupying force, Will travel with them to their new location.

How to acquire a Base Relocator

  • The Base Relocators are available in Special Offer Packages.
  • Base Belocators are also available in the Black Market.

Random Relocators cost 1000 Diamonds each.

Precise Relocators cost 4000 Diamonds each.

How to Use a Base Relocator

Once acquired you can implement the Relocator in three ways.

1) Click the Apply button in the "Special" tab at the black market, then follow the steps in the window that appears.


2) Go to the map and select "Base Relocation" from the menu panel.


3) Go to the map, Hover your mouse over any base, and click the "Find Vacant Lots" button from the pop up Menu.



If you accept any trade offers from the Logistics Exchange, you should wait until the Convoys arrive at your base before you relocate.

Convoy exchanges between players, those not done through the Logistics Exchange, will be delivered Normally. although transit times may increase or decrease in accordance with updated base coordinates.


All troops returning to or deploying from your base during a relocation maneuver will have the travel times adjusted according to the new map location of your base.