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Protection SI.png

The Syndicate’s engineering department has released a new series of items.

You can get these Items at the Black Market "Special" section of the “Misc” tab or the IPs tab.

Total Protection

This Item protects you from any Offensive Action launched against you.

  • Your enemies won’t be able to Raid, launch Tactical Attacks, Occupy, or Recon you so long as this Item is active.
  • Activating Total Protection allows you to take a deep breath and manage your Base without worrying about being attacked.
  • Protection is cancelled if you send a Raid or Occupy from your base, this includes to Repositories, Depots and Mining Complexes.
  • Base Protection must be active when an enemy raid arrives at your base, if you send out a raid or occupy or the time runs out on protection the raid will be effective on your base.
  • Before a Raid is sent at a protected base Commanders are warned that the base is under protection.
  • Activating Protection Does NOT stop an attackers troops. Troops arriving at a protected base will go back to the attackers Bunker at normal speed, NO battle will take place.
  • An attackers raid count is credited with the raid if the base is under protection and no battle occurs.


  • 8 Hour Total Protection: 750 Diamonds or 250 IPs.
  • 24 Hour Total Protection: 2000 Diamonds

Recon Protection

  • This Item ONLY protects you from attempted Recon operations.
  • Your enemies won't be able to Recon you while this Item is active.


  • 24 Hour Recon Protection: 400 Diamonds or 150 IPs.
  • 72 Hour Recon Protection: 1000 Diamonds