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Artifacts impact different attributes for your Units and Sector. Fight enemies, capture and control Warp Gates, Pits, Marauder Bays or ISS to acquire new Artifacts. Build an Artifact Facility to store and use the Artifacts you find. Construct the Industrial Syndicate to locate and capture different Artifact sites throughout the Map.


Artifacts can do several different things. Some offer Offensive bonuses, while others improve the Defensive attributes of various units. Other Artifacts mainly improve the Industrial performance characteristics for your entire Sector (resource production, Defense bonuses, etc.) To use an Artifact, place it into any open Activation slot on the Activation Board at your Artifact Facility. You have 6 Activation Slots in total, and can use no more than two Artifacts of the same category simultaneously. For example: 2 Offensive artifacts, 2 Defensive, 2 Industrial.


Artifacts can be Permanent or Temporary. Use Quarantine to activate Permanent Artifacts. You can drag activated Permanent Artifacts back to Repository at any moment. Temporary Artifacts are consumable items and are active for fixed period of time. You can’t move activated Temporary Artifacts back to Repository. If you are going to change one Temporary Artifact to other one, the previous Temporary Artifact will be deleted.