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Artifacts impact different attributes for your Units and Sector. Fight enemies, capture and control Warp Gates, Pits, Marauder Bays or ISS to acquire new Artifacts. Build an Artifact Facility to store and use the Artifacts you find. Construct the Industrial Syndicate to locate and capture different Artifact sites throughout the Map.


Artifacts can do several different things. Some offer Offensive bonuses, while others improve the Defensive attributes of various units. Other Artifacts mainly improve the Industrial performance characteristics for your entire Sector (resource production, Defense bonuses, etc.) To use an Artifact, place it into any open Activation slot on the Activation Board at your Artifact Facility. You have 6 Activation Slots in total, and can use no more than two Artifacts of the same category simultaneously. For example: 2 Offensive artifacts, 2 Defensive, 2 Industrial.


Artifacts can be Permanent or Temporary. Use Quarantine to activate Permanent Artifacts. You can drag activated Permanent Artifacts back to Repository at any moment. Temporary Artifacts are consumable items and are active for fixed period of time. You can’t move activated Temporary Artifacts back to Repository. If you are going to change one Temporary Artifact to other one, the previous Temporary Artifact will be deleted.


Depending on Artifacts' power there are Basic, Compound and Legendary Artifacts. Basic Artifacts possess little but stable effect. Compound Artifacts have both strong positive and negative effects. Legendary Artifacts are extremely rare and powerful and are the hardest to find in the Wasteland.


Assemble a Series of Artifacts to enable enhanced powers for certain regular Artifacts. Once you have collected all elements of a Series, place them in adjoining Activation Slots next to the Artifact you wish to augment and click "Activate" to engage. The Series will continue to influence the selected Artifact for the duration of its lifetime. Once the Temporary Artifact the the Series influences expires, you will need to delete and replace it with a new Artifact for the Series to continue functioning.


Depending on the strength and characteristics of a given Artifact, it can be classified as either Serial, Special, Elite or Unique - in order of potency. Each of these categories include more commonly found items and a few highly sought after rare items. These have stronger positive attributes, but at the same time are much harder to find.

Artifacts as a Prize of War

Fighting with other Sectors, Deposits, or Artifact Sites is one way to acquire new Artifacts. Your Combat Advisor will brief you following each Battle. If there is a blue highlight exclamation point next to the report instead of the normal red one, it means you have claimed a new Artifact! Open the report and read the description of your prize in the top window. You have a chance to claim any Artifact regardless of the outcome of an engagement. Remember: In order to keep your new Artifact you must go to your Artifact Facility and either use it immediately, or move in to your Repository or it will disappear in 48 hours - you can go there directly from the Combat Advisor's report.

Artifacts at Sites

Warp Gates, Marauder Bays, Pits, and ISS are all sites where you can find Artifacts on the Map. See Artifact Sites

List of Artifacts

Listed in alphabetical order for your convenience, commander.

Picture Name Level Slot Troop Type Duration Effect Type Description
Ambient Induction Battery Ambient Induction Battery Level 28 Defense Gladiator 7 days Defense +10% Build time +15% Special The power units are used to improve the armor and shield of gladiators, but must be recharged for a long time.
Antilles Engine Antilles Engine Level Slot Troop Type Duration Effect Type Personally designed by the Legendary Imperial fighter ace (and later Admiral of the Combined Imperial Fleet) Admiral Dominic J. Antilles, this is the only surviving duplicate of the Antilles Fighter Engine - the one that broke the sub-orbital Fighter speed record of Mach 34. Legend says that was only at 60% power. See what you can make it do!
AP-4 Piranha Mine Piranha Mine Level 26 Resource Sector Defense 7 days Sector Defense +2000 Experimental Reasonable mine, which can change position depending on the movements of the enemy. Important not to forget where you put them!
Atlas Exoskeleton Atlas Exoskeleton Level 26 Defense Gladiator Permanant +4% Defense Special The Mk IX "Atlas" Combat Exoskeleton was the result of years of myomer synthetic musculature and bionics research. Still classified years after the death of the Emperor, this was the closely guarded secret behind the near-mythical speed, strength, and agility of his personal guard. Once surgically bonded to your Gladiators, you'll understand why.
AutoDoc.png AutoDoc Level 18 Defense Infantry 14 Days Infantry Defense +6% Serial Originally designed to reduce manpower on scientific expeditions, the basic AutoDoc Sleeve was eventually adopted across the Imperial Infantry Forces as standard kit. The ability to return wounded soldiers to the front lines quickly after an attack provides an indispensable advantage during defensive actions.
Battlefield AR-3 HUD Battlefield AR-3 HUD Level 39 Defense Gauss Gun 14 Days Defense +8% Experimental The Mk II Integrated Battlefield Augmented Reality Heads-Up Display artillery targeting system represents an exponential step forward in artillery fire control. The Accuracy of your Gauss Guns will be drastically improved. However - the perceptual disassociation that comes with working with the AU system has been linked to severe schizophrenia among your artillerymen.
BioCeramic Armor BioCeramic Armor Level 24 Defense Cyberdog Permanent Defense +8% Offense -8% Special Genetically engineered bacterial assemblers bond silicate compounds to your Cyberdogs' skin cells and trigger enhanced dermal calcification - only slightly impairing their attack, they harden the beasts' hide into nearly impenetrable plates of BioCeramic armor that are effective against both kinetic and directed energy weapons.
Biomimetic Armor Biomimetic Armor Level Slot Troop Type Duration Effect Type Comprised of billions of long, interlocked mats of self-healing organic polymer chains sandwiched between layers of variable density electrostatic fluid, Biomimetic armor can heal itself and redistribute kinetic energy from impacts in much the same manner as living tissue. The additional weight will effect the ASV's speed - but your crew will thank you.
Borealis Power Distributer "Borealis" Power Distributer Level 40 Offense Plasma Cannon 7 days Speed +25% Offense -5% Expermimental The Mk II "Borealis" Power Distributer optimizes the efficiency of the Plasma Cannon's engine, increasing it's speed with only a negligible impact on the main gun's firepower. This component was developed towards the end of the war when Artillery shortages demanded the ability to quickly reposition massive firepower in multiple engagements simultaneously.
CB-1 Core Booster Prototype CB-1 Core Booster Prototype Level 37 Defense Viper Permanent Defense +8% Offense -10% Elite The CB-1 "Godzilla" core boosting kit was designed to upgrade older model Imperial APC power systems following the destruction of the Mk II Viper development program intended to replace them. Though having negative effect on the Viper's attack rating, the improvement in defensive power is immediately noticeable and endlessy stable.
Cluster Bomb Cluster Bomb Level 28 Offense Valkyrie 7 days Offense +8% Capacity -15% Special Ragnarök mixed sub-munition cluster bombs - former property of the "Night Witches" Imperial Guard Squadron. Their effectiveness is exceeded only by their inhumanity. Now they're yours. Total Domination means Total no mercy.
Dog Tags.png Dog Tags Level 18 Defense CyberDog 14 Days CyberDog defense +4% Serial Dog Tags give you a slight defensive boost by helping your Allies find and return any of your Cyberdogs that may wander off and get lost in the Wastelands. Those vicious packs of feral Cyberdogs out there used to have homes - show "Fluffy" you care.
D-Virus D-Virus Level 24 Offense Infantry 14 days Offense +7.5% Construction Time +10% Serial A variant of the H-Virus, the D-Virus also increases your infantry's offensive capability. The long incubation period for the virus will slow the rate at which you can produce new infantry units - but it's a small price to pay for their increased lethality.
FN-17 Fog of War FN-17 Fog of War Level 32 Defense Mongoose, Viper 14 days Defense +8% Elite A new take on a technique as old as war itself - the FN-17 "Fog of War" armored smoke screen system uses a mix of self-fulminating titanium tetrachloride and long-chain polymer organic compounds to block visible, UV, IR and millimeter-wave spectra - providing defensive cover for advancing Armored Corps units.
Freeman's Collider Freeman's Collider Level 44 Offense Disintegrator Permanent Construction Time -5% Cost +10% Experimental This compact 6 Teravolt Particle Collider allows you to produce and isolate the antimatter used by your Disintegrators much faster - shortening their production time with only a minor increase in unit cost.
GKP-3 Stealth Field Generator GKP-3 Stealth Field Generator Level 50 Defense Interceptor Permanent Defense +20% Offense -30% Unique Developed for hiding power generating base subsystems during the War, the "Morpheus" Stealth Field Generator supplements your Interceptors Optical Cloaking systems with additional coverage across the EM spectrum, along with Neutrino and Gravitational detection systems. The minor side effect it has on the Interceptor's performance during attack is more than offset by the improved defensive rating it gives.
Graviton Capacitor Graviton Capacitor Level 30 Offense Valkyrie Permanent +10% Speed Elite The Mk II pulsed Graviton Capacitor increases the power of the Valkyrie's anti-gravity engines - allowing them greater speed.
Harpoon Ammunition Harpoon Ammunition Level 24 Defense Gladiator 14 days Defense +6% Serial Abandoning traditional barrel riffling in favor of a smooth bore, fin-stabilized projectile nearly triples the stand-off engagement range of your Gladiators. The addition of a proximity fused, single-stage scramjet penetrator established the Harpoon Round as one of the most feared Infantry munitions of the Imperial Guard.
Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch Level 18 Offense Trooper 7 days Offense +5% Serial Blessed by Saint Attila himself, the Holy Hand Grenade allows you to blow thine enemies to tiny bits, in thy mercy. First shalt thou take out the Holy Pin, then shalt thou count to three, no more, no less. Though extremely rare, they can sometimes be found at abandoned army depots.
House Gun House Gun Level 20 Defense Infantry Permanent Defense +4% Special Injects and electromagnetically guides medical nanobots throughout a wounded Infantry unit's circulatory system - healing all but the most serious wounds. Many Imperial Soldiers lived to defend the Empire another day because of this device.
H-Virus.png H-Virus Level 28 Offense Infantry 14 Days Offense +7.5% Speed -10% Serial This powerful mutagen alters your Infantry's metabolism to promote maximum muscular development - making them virtually unstoppable during attacks. Aside from making your men musclebound juggernauts, these metabolic changes also result in slightly reduced speed.
ID-19 Red Leg ID-19 Red Leg Level Slot Troop Type Duration Effect Type The "Red Leg" Artillery Assembly Droid takes over the dangerous work of munitions processing and handling for all Artillery units. Faster, cheaper, and less prone to being blown up, vaporized, electrocuted, or otherwise being rendered mission incapable; the "Red Leg" considerably shortens your Artillery unit production time.
ID-25 Flyboy Salvage Droid ID-25 Flyboy Salvage Droid Level 50 Utility Air Permanent Build Time -10% Unique The "Flyboy" salvage droid recovers usable avionics components from downed Air units - providing you with valuable spare parts and greatly reducing production time for all airborne units.
Jolly Roger Jolly Roger Level 18 Offense Infantry Permanent Offense +2.5% Special The Jolly Roger requires no explanation. The mere sight of this flag may be enough to cause your enemies to flee in terror or fling themselves at your feet and beg for mercy. Seeing the skull and crossbones putting fear into the hearts of your enemies gives all your Troops an offensive boost! Avast, ye scurvy dogs - prepare to be boarded!
KE-1 Kinetic Energy Shield KE-1 Kinetic Energy Shield Level Slot Troop Type Duration Effect Type The KE-1 Prototype Portable Kinetic Energy Shield was developed for the Imperial Gladiator units during the early stages of civil unrest before the outbreak of the War. Intended as a non-lethal protective system for riot suppression, it was discontinued in favor of much cheaper live ammo shoot-on-sight crowd suppression techniques during the last days of the Great Riots. Though effective, the extra weight reduces the Gladiator's attack.
Laser Interdiction System (LPS) Laser Interdiction System Level 36 Defense Mongoose Permanent +10% Defense -30% Capacity Elite A prototype protective system designed to shield the most important components of the mongoose from a direct hit. any incoming shell or projectile is either defused or prematurely detonated once as it passes through any of the systems 24mW pulsed UV laser beams. The incredible power drain of the system does have an effect on the unit's carrying capacity.
Mammoth Drive Mammoth Drive Level 34 Offense Siege Tank Permanent Speed +10% Special Developed in secret shortly after the outbreak of the Global War, this prototype for a new macro-synced servo technology was never put into full production. Your enemy's technicians will spend months trying to figure out how your Elephant Siege Tanks broke every maximum speed parameter in the manual.
MD-01 Thermal Bore.png MD-01 Thermal Bore Level 18 Utility Resource 3 Days Titanium +5% Serial The MD-01 Thermal Bore uses peripheral plasma torches to cut through otherwise inaccessible bedrock to reach rich veins of Titanium Ore. The incredible pressures and wear on the system grant it a limited lifetime, but a significant increase in Ore recovered.
MD-02 Termite Droid MD-02 Termite Droid Level 18 Utility Resource 3 days +5% Uranium Serial An autonomous self-replicating mining droid with organic components, the MD-02 "Termite" is attracted to the trace radiation of decaying Uranium ore. Though highly efficient, the extreme conditions take their toll on the organic components of the device and limits its operational life expectancy.
MD-03 Uranium Nanobots MD-03 Uranium Nanobots Level Slot Troop Type Duration Effect Type The MD-03 "Firefly" Nanobots burrow deep into inaccessible veins of Uranium ore and extract usable amounts incrementally - literally pulling the element out of the bedrock atom-by-atom.
Metabolic Accelerator.png Metabolic Accelerator Level 20 Offense Trooper 7 Days Trooper speed +25% Serial A device bionically grafted under your Troopers' skin that delivers a cocktail of metabolic and neural stimulants, greatly increasing their speed. All that energy has to come from somewhere, so your Troops may have a slightly reduced carrying capacity during raids - but will be perfectly suited for Invasions! Time to go on the offensive!
MG-31 Scarab Salvage Droid MG-31 "Scarab" Salvage Droid Level Slot Troop Type Duration Effect Type The MG-31 "Scarab" Salvage Droid scours the battlefield for usable armor components from destroyed units. The stockpile of usable parts it provides your factories reduces production time on all Armored Corps units.
Mk II Megamind Analytical Core Mk II Megamind Analytical Core Level 24 Utility Tech Research 14 Days -10% Technology research time Elite The Mk II "Megamind" prototype research analytical core offers real time voice-responsive analytical and modeling support for your research teams. Admittedly prone to short-circuiting over prolonged use, it remains a valuable asset to your research efforts.
Mk II Rainmaker Mk II "Rainmaker" Level 20 Utility Resource 3 Days Credit Consumption -15% Special Water is one of your most precious commodities in the Wasteland. By equipping you units with the Mk. II "Rainmaker" waste reclamation device, your troops can reuse over 60% of their fluid waste - greatly reducing the cost of their maintenance.
Mk III Aurora Mk III Aurora Level Slot Troop Type Duration Effect Type The Mk III "Aurora" Active Defense System (ADS) is a portable Infantry defense countermeasure system capable of identifying incoming projectiles and EM radiation with linked multi-spectrum targeting sensor package and layered kinetic-kill/phase interference systems. Originally developed to protect Imperial Officers.
Mk III Dune Kit Mk III "Dune" Kit Level Slot Troop Type Duration Effect Type Significantly more durable than the "Rainmaker" device, the "Dune" wasteland survival kit uses a combination of metabolic depressants and concentrated nutrient rations to reduce the logistical footprint of all Troops in the field. You'll notice how many credits you're saving almost immediately.
Mk IV Charon Mk IV "Charon" Level Slot Troop Type Duration Effect Type The Mk IV "Charon" autonomous self-guided missile is one of the marvels of Imperial weapons technology. Going far beyond "smart" weapon, once fired the Charon will access all available command networked battle information and identify, target, and destroy the target of highest tactical priority at that given moment.
Mk IV Longshot Mk IV Longshot Level 18 Offense Infantry Permanent Offense +5% Special The Mk IV Multiple-Warhead Infantry Rocket Launcher is a self-contained, shoulder-fired infantry weapon capable of firing a range of variable-yield explosive rockets. Though it gives your Troopers unparalleled firepower, the additional weight will slightly reduce their carrying capacity.
Mk VI Universal Combat Armor Mk VI Universal Combat Armor Level 30 Defense Infantry Permanent +8% Defense Special Mk VI "Chameleon" Universal Combat Armor is a self-fitting protective system rated for low to mid-range infantry small arms. boasting a limited adaptive camouflage capability, it offers a broad defensive advantage to all infantry units.
Nanobots Nanobots Level Slot Troop Type Duration Effect Type Nanobots increase your Troops offensive rating by augmenting their physical strength during combat. The long period required for their immune systems to adjust to the nanobots increases each unit's production time - but the finished product is worth the wait!
Nano Imaging Swarm Nano Imaging Swarm Level 20 Defense Recon drone 14 days Intelligence Defense Bonus: +6% Special Originally developed to provide close-in urban imaging for traditional Recon Drones, the autonomous nano-swarming optical array represents a robust,infinitely redundant detection system that greatly enhances your Intelligent Defense capability.
Nano-Inhibitors Nano-Inhibitors Level Slot Troop Type Duration Effect Type Nano-Inhibitors bond with individual synaptic connections in the peripheral nervous system on the cellular level - blocking pain receptors and slowing the onset of shock in wounded Infantry. Defensive Infantry equipped with Nano-Inhibitors can take a truly horrific amount of punishment before being put out of action, but the technology doesn't come cheap.
Neural Stimulant Neural Stimulant Level Slot Troop Type Duration Effect Type The Neural Stimulant Compound DX-90 stimulates frontal lobe activity and synaptic response among your research teams - increasing their productivity, intuition and focus.
Neutron Tank Neutron Tank Level 36 Offense Siege Tank 7 days +25% Speed Elite Injecting a burst of neutrons into the Elephant Siege Tank's reactor core accelerates the fusion reaction - boosting its power far past the design specifications. This is known as "spiking the punch" among tank crews, or"incredibly inadvisable" among engineers.
Occam's Razor Occam's Razor Level Slot Troop Type Duration Effect Type The details of the "Occam's Razor" device are unimportant. Suffice it to say it helps your tax collectors remind your populace of their civic duty in no uncertain terms. You will notice a surprising increase in the amount of taxes your citizens suddenly seem willing to pay to support the war effort. The fewer questions you ask, the better.
Odysseus Camouflage Emitter "Odysseus" Camouflage Emitter Level Slot Troop Type Duration Effect Type The "Odysseus" Mk II Active Camouflage Emitter makes your ASVs transparent to visible spectrum light - effectively making these units invisible to the naked eye.
Parallel Power Bus Mk I Parallel Power Bus Mk I Level 26 Offense Light Tank 7 days +4% Offense -20% Speed Elite Helps to redistribute power from the Scorpio Light Tank's Drive systems to its main forward guns, increasing its effective firepower. Due to the high current loads at full power they tend to burn out quickly - but the increased damage when operational is worth the inconvenience.
PG-51 Eliminator PG-51 Eliminator Level 24 Offense Infantry Permanent +5% Offense -4% Defense Serial The PG-51 "Eliminator" man-portable Plasma Gun allows your soldier to resolve any differences of opinion they may have with the enemy with extreme (and messy) prejudice. Compatible with both offensive and defensive infantry armor systems, this is the most powerful weapon you can give your infantry units.
Power Cell Power Cell Level Slot Troop Type Duration Effect Type Power Cells provide additional power to your Valkyrie's propulsion systems - granting them increased carrying capacity during Raids. Look for Power Cells in the ruins of ancient cities.
Regenerator Regenerator Level Slot Troop Type Duration Effect Type The Regenerator injects your Cyberdogs with synthetic stem cells and metabolic stimulants - promoting accelerated tissue regrowth. This dramatically increases their defensive capability, but may slow down their travel speed. Given that this is a defensive unit, the trade-off is well worth it. It is recommended that you make the New Guy try and get close enough to administer the shot.
Ripper Ripper Level 8 Offense Trooper Permanent Offense +2.5% Special What's better than a Titanium-Graphite multipurpose combat blade that can cut through diamond like butter? One with a micro-caliber integrated submachine gun in the handle! ...Makes for a great bar-mitzvah gift or stocking-stuffer for that special little soldier in your life.
Scorpion Augmentation Kit Scorpion Augmentation Kit Level Slot Troop Type Duration Effect Type By substituting synthetic crystal-based neural augmentation grafts for basic elements of the organism's autonomic nervous system, Elite Sandworms can be incubated in an amniotic mixture containing a much lower concentration of Bioplasma - greatly reducing their cost.
Seymour Carnivorous Plant Seymour Carnivorous Plant Level 28 Resource Sector Defense 14 days Sector Defense +3000 Unique A carnivorous mutant plant that evolved in the radioactive fallout of the post-War Wasteland, when planted around your perimeter it provides a fearsome layer of protection against both infantry and armored units.
SPN-1CH.png SPN-1CH Level 24 Offense Infantry 14 Days Infantry Offense +4% Serial A highly experimental performance enhancing drug used by the old Imperial Army to boost Infantry stamina, aggression, and concentration. May cause permanent insanity - but guaranteed immediate results. Reheat before eating.
Titanium Mining Organisms Titanium Mining Organisms Level 24 Utility Resource 7 days Titanium +5% Elite Genetically engineered microbial organisms that metabolize titanium waste tailings and extract trace amounts of metal missed during the refining process. This is War - you can afford to waste nothing!
Vault Thermopile Generator Vault Thermopile Generator Level 28 Utility Resource Permanent Credit consumption -15% Unique Developed during the strategic carpet-bombing campaigns at the end of the war to provide emergency power to civilian bomb shelters, the Mk I EVTG unit allows your vaults to put less drain on the sector power grid, decreasing the amount of credits consumed.
W-19 Glasser Tactical Nuke W-19 "Glasser" Tactical Nuke Level Slot Troop Type Duration Effect Type The W-19 "Glasser" Tactical Thermonuclear Warhead was the pacification weapon of choice for the Imperial Guard Artillery Division. Its 24 megaton yield makes it easy to find where it was used. Look for a 3 mile-wide hole in the ground glazed with 2 feet of shattered silica. Saying this increases your offensive rating would be an understatement. It also vaporizes enemy resources, so use this for Invasions or sending a message.
Wonder Chow.png Wonder Chow Level 16 Defense CyberDog 14 Days CyberDog defense +6% Serial Composed of a delicate blend of organic vegetables, basmati rice, unfortunate trespassers from the old Imperial Palace grounds, anabolic steroids, and industrial lubricant (for a healthy digestion) - Wonder Chow is just the thing to keep your Cyberdogs happy, healthy, and terrifying. This came directly from the old Imperial kennels - give your Cyberdogs the best.
Yorick 2.0.png Yorick 2.0 Level 22 Offense Trooper Permanent Trooper construction time -5% Serial Yorick 2.0 model cranial implants reduce the amount of time needed to test and calibrate a Troopers' combat implants during construction - with only a marginal increase in cost.
ZG-5000 ZG-5000 Level 26 Offense Valkyrie Duration +3% Attack Elite Compact fire system limited edition for the elite units of the army. Valkyries adore these sleek deadly contraption!
Embryonic Simulator Embryonic Stimulator Level 44 Offense Sandworm Permanent -5% Build Time +10% Cost Serial Elite "Nightmare" Scouts conserve uses nerve-grafted standard crystalline detection packages instead of the organism's natural sensory organs. HNA code is introduced during incubation that tells the embryonic cells not to differentiate into "eyes", thus conserving Bioplasma.
Prometheus Implant "Prometheus" Implant Level 38 Defense Combat Chassis Duration +10% Defense Unique The "Prometheus" Regenerative Implant was the culmination of years of oceanographic research into the regenerative abilities of marine invertebrates. When integrated into the endocrine system of Combat Chassis pilots, it allows them to regenerate up to 10% of tissue lost during a catastrophic hull breach. The implant system and its regenerative protein packs provide an indispensable advantage during defensive actions.

S.C.A.R. and Mobile Armor Battalion

These Artifacts have been specially designed to enhance the capabilities of S.C.A.R and Mobile Armor Battalion units. They were introduced 4/5/2012 (Old Earth Calendar) Their capabilities are, as yet, unknown.

List of New Artifacts

Picture Name Level Slot Troop Type Duration Effect Type Description
Mk. II FEVER Pathogen Round.png Mk. II "FEVER" Pathogen Round 30 OFFENSE S.C.A.R. Sniper 7 days +100% Offense Special The Crystal sheathed "FEVER" pathogen round is one of the nastier innovations to come out of the secessionist laboratories. Upon penetration, the round fragments into six pathogen delivery modules. These travel throughout the body releasing the GT7-FVR pathogen. Targeting nerve cell ganglia, it burns through the cerebrospinal system before terminating in the hypothalamus. Acute fever progresses to convulsions, coma, and death within 5 minutes.
Ramora Spinal Implant.png "Ramora" Spinal Implant 30 OFFENSE S.C.A.R. Sniper permanent +8% Defense Unique Made of nonreactive surgical titanium alloy, the "Ramora" Spinal Implant is attached along the vertebral laminae. It's designed to interface directly with the S.C.A.R. Sniper's central and autonomic nervous systems, making them virtually unstoppable during attacks. The stabilizing effect on a Snipers’ neurohumoral system during high-stress battlefield conditions ensures lightning reflexes and one shot - one kill lethality every time.
Basilisk Optical Implant.png “Basilisk” Optical Implant Level Defense S.C.A.R. Sniper Duration Effect Type The "Basilisk" Optical Implant is a multispectral sensor package implanted directly into a S.C.A.R. Snipers retina. A spiral cuff electrode is bonded to the nervous tunic of the eyeball, increasing the peripheral viewing angle by 40%. Retinal target-lead projections enable a dramatic increase in accuracy when engaging moving targets, and full IR functionality is (of course) standard. As implantation negates the need for expensive weapon-mounted sighting systems and training, the procedure significantly reduces production cost.
Arachnid Power Shield.png Arachnid Power Shield Level Slot Troop Type Duration Effect Type The Type III "Arachnid" Power Shield a more compact model of the standard power shields issued to the Imperial Guard Gladiator detachments. A lighter alternative to the heavy Gladiators' shields, the "Arachnid" is a mobile power field generator with a defensive rating comparable to that of its "bigger brothers". This shield provides S.C.A.R. "Asp" Fireteam members reliable cover when reloading between launches.
Azrael Heavy Autocannon.png Azrael Heavy Autocannon Level Slot Troop Type Duration Effect Type A heavy assault gun that uses magnetically isolated antimatter ammunition, essentially turning Exterminators into airborne artillery units. The improvement in offensive power is immediately noticeable, making them THE definitive asset in air support firepower. Your Enemy is in for a nasty surprise.
Bioelectric Cannon.png Bioelectric Cannon Level Slot Troop Type Duration Effect Type The "Ragnarök" Bioelectric Cannon was developed as a fallback weapon in the event of main power loss during an engagement. Hardwired into the Nemesis's power grid, it can draw power directly from the electrical current generated by the operator's own nervous system - allowing them an extra level of combat effectiveness no matter the situation.
Biomass Reprocessor.png Biomass Reprocessor Level Slot Troop Type Duration Effect Type This emergency power unit uses Valkyrie metabolic processing technology to allow the biomechanical Thunderbolt to reprocess organic materials into fuel. Thunderbolts thus equipped can thrive quite happily on a highly nutritious Infantry unit-based protein diet, saving you precious Credits and Resources on fuel.
Cardiovascular Symbiote.png Cardiovascular Symbiote Level Slot Troop Type Duration Effect Type The XNS21 Cardiovascular Symbiotes are rare specimens of extraterrestrial lifeforms encountered during the almost forgotten zenith of the Empire's interstellar exploration. By enhancing the cardiovascular function of their host, they can be used to bring normally ineligible candidates up to the physical requirements of the S.C.A.R. Heavy Gunner units at much lower cost.
Chocolate Synthesizer.png Chocolate Synthesizer Level Slot Troop Type Duration Effect Type Another holdover from Imperial experimentation with battlefield homeopathy, these standard S.C.A.R. Anti-Artillery Unit Chocolate Synthesizers ration out delicious portions of synthetic Dark Chocolate to stimulate the release of endorphins and serotonin, increasing their defensive ability. The unit has since developed a sweet tooth, and has been known to use breaching charges on vending machines to sate their cravings.
Echidna SA-01.png Echidna SA-01 30 DEFENSE S.C.A.R.Sniper Permanent +4% Defense ELITE "Echidna" Armor was issued as supplemental urban combat kit for Imperial S.C.A.R. sniper teams during the Time of Troubles. Covering the Snipers entire body and proof against any rifle projectile moving slower than 7km/s, this armor was the main justification for the Secessionist counter-sniper teams requesting man-portable railguns.
Fowler Symbiote.png Fowler Symbiote 32 Speed S.C.A.R. Heavy Gunner Permanent + 30% Speed Special "Fowler" symbiotes were discovered by the renowned scientist of the same name in the Charybdis system during the third century of the Second Empire. The organism increases synthesis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in a human host, granting soldiers an energy boost during muscle contractions. The increased speed makes a host appear to practically defy gravity when moving.
ID-67 Hornet.png ID-67 Hornet Level 55 Offense Exterminator 14 days +5% Offense Experimental A light Exterminator swarming munition. The ID-76 units operate home in on a target in dispersed, randomized flight paths before converging simultaneously in their final kill trajectory. Their effectiveness is proven by their perfect 100% kill record after release - the "Hornet" shows no mercy...
ID-99 Nanofactory.png ID-99 Nanofactory Level Slot Troop Type Duration Effect Type ID-99 Nanofactories are nanoscale self-replicating assemblers programmed to synthesize the exotic components needed for the Thunderbolt's actuator subsystems, greatly reducing their production cost.
Lucky Rabbit Foot.png Lucky Rabbit Foot Level Slot Troop Type Duration Effect Type Their work with explosives in the Wastelands has made the S.C.A.R. Anti-Artillery Teams understandably superstitious. And when the difference between a successful mission and a smoking hole in the ground comes down to a coin toss - they need all the luck they can get. Ironically, the units often lose as many men battling the 2,000lb. carnivorous sabretooth Rabbits to acquire the lucky feet as they do to accidental detonations.
Medea Aerogel.png Medea Aerogel Level Slot Troop Type Duration Effect Type In response to multiple incidents of Combat Chassis accidentally incinerating each other (graphically demonstrating the age-old military adage that there is no such thing as "friendly fire"), the Imperial Commandant's office commissioned research into hyper-insulating "Medea" Aerogel. Effective against high temperature and radiative threats, the Aerogel has an operational lifetime of around 2 weeks.
Mk II Logistical Upgrade.png Mk II Logistical Upgrade 38 OFFENSE Combat Chassis Permanent +50% Capacity Special The “Hephaestus” Logistical Upgrade was developed to expand the carrying capacity of the earlier model Combat Chassis. Engineers were able to find an additional 50% worth of cargo space by rerouting key systems, with no noticeable reduction in combat effectiveness. This space proved key in evacuating civilians from infected Sectors during the early days of the Hades epidemic...
Mk. IV Berserker Cannon.png Mk. IV Berserker Cannon Upgrade 38 Offense S.C.A.R. Heavy Gunner Permanent Effect +100% Offense Elite The lighter Mk. IV "Berserker" Cannon exchanges combines the mobility needed for offensive maneuvers with the sheer firepower of a stand-off weapon. This allows the S.C.A.R. Heavy Gunners to take on a heavy offensive role if needed, and promises a nasty surprise for enemy troops used to dealing with these units as a Defensive force.
MS-2 Boomerang.png MS-2 Boomerang Level Slot Troop Type Duration Effect Type MS-02 "Boomerang" went into mass production during the Time of Troubles, when technologies were scarce and resources even scarcer. By using cheaper materials engineers managed to achieve comparable performance to the Mk. II "Blindside" Plasma missiles at a lower logistics footprint, however prolonged use may result in permanent damage to the man-portable launch system.
Nero Incendiary Fuel.png Nero Incendiary Fuel Level Slot Troop Type Duration Effect Type When the Hades organism appeared it became obvious that the standard flamethrower fuel issued to the Combat Chassis units burned at temperatures too low to guarantee total sterilization during clean-up sweeps through infected urban centers. The "Nero" low viscosity Antimony-potassium permanganate thermitic gel that replaced it burns at around 6,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Good enough for government work.
Patriotism Enhancer.png Patriotism Enhancer Level Slot Troop Type Duration Effect Type The "Patriotism-Enhancing Nerve Stimulator" Whip was a motivational device employed during the emergency construction of the Emitter Towers on the general Imperial population. Conscripted into forced labor, many citizens found it hard to focus on their obligation to the greater good of humanity. The "Patriotism Enhancer" assisted them. Turns out it works surprisingly well on Thunderbolt assembly line workers as well...
Prometheus Implant.png Prometheus Implant Level Slot Troop Type Duration Effect Type The "Prometheus" Regenerative Implant was the culmination of years of oceanographic research into the regenerative abilities of marine invertebrates. When integrated into the endocrine system of Combat Chassis pilots, it allows them to regenerate up to 10% of tissue lost during a catastrophic hull breach. The implant system and its regenerative protein packs provide an indispensable advantage during defensive actions.
Radgrid Photonic Lance.png Radgrid Photonic Lance 38 Offense Nemesis Permanent +4% offense Elite The "Radgrid" Photonic Lance focuses a beam of photons into an energy blade capable of cutting through any material with a spectral reflectivity ratio lower than 99.98%. Utilized as much for it's psychological impact as for its effectiveness as a personal melee weapon, rebels broke ranks and fled in terror as the ominous glow of the Nemeses's Lances illuminated cloud cover as they approached the battlefield.
Saturnus Logistical Upgrade.png Saturnus Logistical Upgrade Level Slot Troop Type Duration Effect Type A second generation model of the "Haephestus" Logistical Upgrade specially designed for the Thunderbolt. Installing the Upgrade effectively doubles the Thunderbolt's maximum payload weight. With their speed and increased capacity, upgraded Thunderbolts were widely used for Black Market smuggling during the Time of Troubles.
Sherpa Exoskeleton.png Sherpa Exoskeleton Level Slot Troop Type Duration Effect Type The "Sherpa" Exoskeleton was developed to meet the the additional equipment and ammunition requirements of teams dispatched on extended patrols during the last days of the Empire. The S.C.A.R. Anti-Artillery Teams have taken to using them for carrying extra tools, detonators, explosives, and for competitive minefield racing.
Spiderweb MPD.png Spiderweb MPD Level Slot Troop Type Duration Effect Type The "Spiderweb" Monofilament Protection Belt projects a dynamically changing web of molecular monofilament threads around a S.C.A.R. "Asp" Fireteam member. Incoming projectiles are sliced to ribbons the second they enter the Belt's protective radius. Unfortunately, so are team members who venture too close before the device is deactivated.
Temporal Bomb.png Temporal Bomb Level 55 Offense Exterminator 5 days Cost -10% Unique Temporal Bombs increase Exterminator offensive capability by penetrating deep within a hardened target, then opening up an infinite number of temporal gateways. All the target's component atoms are simultaneously transported to an infinite number of discrete moments throughout the spacetime continuum. The weapon is characterized by a decidedly unimpressive faint "popping" sound as the surrounding air rushes in to fill the resulting vacuum. The target now has the dubious honor of currently used to having been sort of always yet never existing, and providing dinner conversation for generations of theoretical physicists.
Thompson's Module.png Thompson's Module Level 55 Defense Exterminator 14 Days -10% cost Experimental It is believed that Valerius Thompson, the Empire's most renowned military engineering genius, once saw a plan of optimizing the Exterminator's automated production in a dream. A few copies of his original sketches (along with doodles of horrible monsters from his other dreams) can still be found today, but it takes some time to decipher Thompson's handwriting.
Thor's Blood Overcharger.png Thor's Blood Overcharger Level 38 Defense Nemesis 7 Days -10% cost Elite “Thor's Blood” Overcharger injects the Nemesis Electroactive Armor's life support system with an efficient organic catalyst. The catalyst regulates decrease the amount of Resources for Nemesis construction. Prolonged usage has led to documented cases of spontaneous Valkyrie combustion.
Wings of Odin Accelerator.png Wings of Odin Accelerator Level Slot Troop Type Duration Effect Type After the catastrophic failure of Operation Eternal Night, the Nemesis Corps requisitioned the development of a new speed module. Once fitted with the "Wings of Odin" Accelerator module, they hunted down the unit responsible for the Eternal Night massacre and extracted their vengeance. The Accelerator increases temporarily increases the power of the Nemesis engines, but the additional strain burns it out after only a week of use.
Worry Beads.png Worry Beads Level Slot Troop Type Duration Effect Type The S.C.A.R. Anti-Artillery Team’s aggressive tendencies are known across the Wasteland. Arcane initiation rites, brawls, and "training accidents" turned out to be such serious a problem that Command was forced to develop a training regime involving a specialized diet, meditation, "Primal Scream" therapy, and Pilates. Worry Beads help your soldiers concentrate and reduce stress - important when training with sensitive nuclear mines within your Sector…
X-1 Ogre BioAmmunition.png X-1 Ogre Bio Ammunition 30 Offense S.C.A.R Heavy Gunner 7 days +100% Offense Special Even during the worst episodes of the war, catalytic "Ogre" Bio Ammunition was expressly banned by direct order of the Emperor (despite it's combat effectiveness). Upon striking targets, the biogel immediately bonds to the surface and begins catalyzing highly-concentrated carbolic acid, whereupon it dissolves steel, plastic, composites, and flesh into a foul-smelling puddle of "Tank Soup".
X1 Ymir Armor.png X1 Ymir Armor Level Slot Troop Type Duration Effect Type The X1 "Ymir" Armor system was an experimental armor model designed after the outbreak of the "Hades" organism. The result of early experimentation with the properties of the (then) newly discovered Crystals, it was never put into full production due to cost restraints. Fragmented records suggest that it may have been able to stand a direct shot from an Elephant Siege Tank.

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