Artifact Tactics

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Artifact Tactics

We've seen the pretty pictures and read the informative details about what the artifacts are and what they can do. But we have barely tapped into the complexity surrounding the effective use of artifacts found in the game. In this page we'll be discussing various tactics used by commanders, including myself, on which artifacts are more useful in what situations. The specific on artifacts will not be discussed, however. You'll find that information on this page: Artifacts

We plan on focusing more attention on generalities of types of artifacts and hope to show that by expanding your inventory space for holding a diversified collection you can give yourself a great advantage over those who have to toss artifacts away.

Permanent versus Temporary Artifacts

Most commanders have come to the understanding that permanent artifacts are considered the best in the game. This is true to an extent. However, there are some artifacts that are not permanent that should never be ignored. Just because an artifact is not permanent, does not mean it will not be highly useful.

An advantage that temporary artifacts have over permanents is that once they are used, you have cleared out some space in your inventory.

Permanent artifacts have an obvious advantage of not getting used up and being able to switch out countless number of times. You just have to give it some permanent inventory space as a cost. But they also have the added benefit of maximizing your tactics. Switching them out for specific tactics on what units you plan on using can give you enough boost to change close fights into overwhelming victories.

Inventory Space

Ah. How much inventory do you need? I can honestly say you will never have too much inventory space when it comes to artifacts. Sure, it does cost you precious crystals to expand your inventory. However, you will find that those extra slots make a huge difference when you need to start swapping artifacts out for different occasions.

Cost Reduction Artifacts

These are great! In fact, these will quickly become some of your most treasured artifacts, especially if they are permanent ones. When you are fortunate enough to get 2 of the same type of cost reduction artifact, you can put both of them into activation mode and spend whatever you wanted to spend on them. As soon as the transaction is complete, you no longer have to keep those artifacts activated. You only need them for the initial purchasing of the troops they benefit.

Of course, if the artifacts in use are not permanent, you may not wish to remove them immediately. You might want to keep them in place until after such a time as you think you have spent as much as you can. When this is the case, perhaps it is better to save up until you have a very good amount of resources and only then activate the temporary cost reduction artifacts, no?

Oh, and you might even be able to combine the cost reduction effect with other effects to your benefit in the building of these troops. More on this in the next section.

Build Time Reduction Artifacts

These artifacts reduce the time needed to build the specified unit. This is helpful to those who do not wish to spend crystals boosting the builds of troops. If you are a booster, don't bother with these.

Used in conjunction with the cost reduction artifacts of the same units, this could really help some of you commanders out! For example, imagine building 200 Thunderbolt Tanks @ -20% resource cost AND -20% time needed to build. The only draw back is that you must keep the artifact for reduced build time in activation mode for the duration of the building of all of those units. If you remove the artifact, you lose the effect on the units being built.

Wait. Isn't that defensive artifact supposed to go in the defensive slot in my matrix?

Sure enough. There are some artifacts that fit into offensive slots in your facility that give you defensive benefits, and vice-versa. Effectively, you could have FOUR artifacts in place for a specific type of unit with a combined effect to really make those units shine!

Overall, the tactics you need to use must involve knowledge of what your troops can do with the appropriate artifacts. Just because you get an artifact that only gives a measly +4% benefit does not mean you should automatically toss it when you get one. Combining artifacts, BOTH TEMPORARY AND PERMANENT, can give you major advantages in battle.

Feel free to discuss what great combinations you've come up with on this page's discussion board. (Look at top of page)


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