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Armory Concept Artwork



Build the Armory to store and integrate them into your operations. Special Equipment items can be recovered by your forces from battles as spoils of war, or from new Equipment Depots scattered across Zandia. All the Special Equipment you obtain will be automatically placed in temporary storage at the Testing Lab within your Armory. To permanently keep Special Equipment, you must manually move it from the Testing Lab to your Equipment Locker within 48 hours, or it will be permanently deleted. You can unlock additional slots in the Equipment Locker with the help of your Friends, or by using Diamonds. To engage your Special Equipment, place it in an Engagement Slot and click "Engage."

Equipment Classifications

EQUIPMENT CLASSIFICATIONS Different Special Equipment items possess different attributes. You have 6 total Engagement Slots on the engagement panel, and can use no more than two items of Equipment of the same category simultaneously. For instance: 2 Offensive, 2 Defensive, 2 Production items.

Equipment can also be classified as either Permanent or Temporary. You can disengage and drag activated Permanent Equipment back to the Equipment Locker at any time for later use, but Temporary Equipment items are consumable and active for a fixed period of time – once activated, they can't be moved back to the Equipment Locker.

Equipment is further categorized as either Standard Issue or Experimental, based on its relative strength and stability. Standard Issue Equipment possesses minor, but stable attributes. Experimental Equipment has strong positive and negative effects upon your Units.

The strength of a piece of Special Equipment is measured in proportion to its rarity (Commercial, Limited, Restricted, Classified, and Prototype). The harder a piece of Equipment is to find - the stronger its effects.

NOTE: Special Equipment cannot be bought, or traded.

Offensive Equipment

Offensive Equipment offers bonuses to offensive units and is indicated by a RED marker.

Defensive Equipment

Defensive ones improve the defensive attributes of various units of your forces and has a GREEN indicator.

Production Equipment

Production Equipment mainly improves the production characteristics for your Base (units, resources) and has a BLUE indicator

Equipment Buyback Policy

Equipment Buyback Artwork

On January 13, 2014, the following message was received:


Commanders, Be advised this C/S now authorizes you to sell surplus Special Equipment back to the Syndicate for Resources. All contracted commanders are recommended to conduct an inventory – if you have the gear, we can find a buyer.

All C/S to ACK Echo out!


Buybacks are simple. Click on a piece of non-engaged equipment from the Armory and choose the "SELL" option. Depending on the piece of equipment, the value varies. Confirm your action and the resources will be deposited to your base.


Expanding the Engaged Equipment

Engaged Equipment Expansion
Active Slot Defense Offense Production
Cost Friends Friends Friends

Expanding the Equipment Locker

Equipment Locker Expansion
Storage Row 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Unlock Cost Friends 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 1000 1100