Amulet Shrines

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The Amulet Shrines

Since the fall of the Seven Kings, every farming village, mine, town or amulet shrine of the old Kingdoms has belonged only to those with the might to hold it. If you are to unite Stormfall under your rule, you cannot afford to let these Resources fall into the hands of your enemies. You must bring them to heel! The lands of Stormfall are pleased to announce that the Eagle's have discovered a new Settlement type: Amulet Shrines! Use your House of Lords and Eagles Nest to aide you in your quest for Amulet collection!

All players level 20 or higher may now capture the new Settlement types of Amulet Shrines and collect Maranian Amulets. Your Amulets will allow you to summon all types of Vampire Units - Seekers, Lost Ones, Priestesses and Reiters; along with the more powerful higher Vampires: Succubi, Undead Dragons, Renegades and Assassins.

To seek out this treasure of Amulet Shrines, do the following:

  1. Go to the Eagle's Nest.
  2. Open the "Settlements" tab.
  3. Set the "Status" filter to choose the desired Settlement type.
  4. Choose the Settlement you wish to capture and send your troops. You may wish to Dispatch Spies first before attempting this task.

May you ever have the favor of the gods!

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