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Allies provides you with a means of teaming up with individual players that share your mutual interests.


  • Transfer speeds of reinforcements and resources is 24x normal (Same speeds as between Facebook Friends)
  • You may optionally receive carbon copies of all your Ally's battle PvP battle reports to include, scouting, defense, raids and sieges
  • You may filter the types of reports you see via Reports>Diplomacy>Settings
  • Properly used, allies allows two individuals to avoid hitting the same targets for resources (Can be exploited as well, see risks)
  • If your Ally quits you will still receive reports from incoming attacks on them allowing you to see the offense strength of nearby players


  • Carbon Copy reports are the exact same reports the actual player receives. This means they show all troops involved in the battle, not just the reinforcing player's
  • They will see all scout reports, and could likewise raid the targets before you do
  • You have no control over what reports your Ally elects to receive or not receive

Basically, do your best to ensure you can trust the player with which you ally yourself.


You must have an Embassy built in order to use Allies. Upgrading the Embassy increases the number of Allies available up to a maximum of 20.

Alliance from Embassy

You can upgrade Embassy quickly and by using resources to lvl5. If you want to upgrade Embassy on lvl6 and lvl7 you need to spend Sketches too.

To become allies you must extend an offer to the other player which can be done from:

The Map

  1. Click «Map» in your City
  2. Position the cursor over the City of the player with whom you wish to become Allies with
  3. Click «Offer Alliance» on the City menu

Alliance from Map

Their City

  1. Go to the City of the player you want to become Allies with
  2. Choose «Form Alliance» from the «Actions» menu

Alliance from City

Your Embassy

  1. Go to your Embassy
  2. Go to Allies Tab
  3. Click «Send Alliance Offer»
  4. Choose the player from the list window

Alliance from Embassy

The other Player must accept your offer before you will become Allies. Alternatively other players may offer Alliances to you which you may accept through your Embassy's Allies tab.

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