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To become Allies with other players, you make a "Become Allies" offer for other players to accept. If they do, you become Allies. Your allied status comes with certain benefits - Reinforcements and Caravans travel faster between allied Sectors, and your Advisors will get reports about your Allies’ actions. To form Alliances, build an Embassy. Your Diplomatic Advisor will report new offers and inform you every time an Alliance has been formed or terminated.

You can become Allies in the following ways:

You can't raid or invade your Allies' Sectors, however you can raid any Deposits they currently control. (Do this at the risk of losing your Alliance)

Who should be an Ally?

This is subjective to each commander based on what he believes would benefit him the most. Let's put these into several catagories.

  • The All Clan Ally List

Some commanders only want to have allies within their own clan. This way they only share information with fellow clan members about activities happening within their own sectors and actions taken on raids, invasions, and captures.

  • The No Clan Ally List

These are commanders who either are not in a clan or only want to have allies listed outside the clan for various reasons. Some reasons might be as innocent as aiding friends outside his clan or as devious as espionage on rival clans.

  • The Some Clan and Other Clan List

These commanders use a combination of in-clan members and out-of-clan friends or enemies to gain the information they seek. Think of it as keeping your friends close......and your enemies closer.

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