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Most of the glory of Soldiers Inc comes from massive, record-destroying raids. We see lots of hard to obtain units, Vets and massive amounts of flashy screenshots to back up claims of superiority.

Defensive duty usually takes a back seat to the glamour and flair, but is equally, if not more important than big raids. Soldiers Inc provides three defensive air units in several flavors for your defensive needs. Let’s take a closer look.


Defensive Unit Analysis:

When it comes to defensive air, you have two regular and one strategic unit available to you. The Mz-29 Firedrake, the 10-Alpha Hailstorm and the close-air support RSL-150 “Harpy.”

Mz-29 Firedrake

The Mz-29 Firedrake will be your go-to workhorse. Tried and true, they come off the line quickly and pack a decent punch vs. armor and air units. Firedrakes are available around mid-game for players quickly trying to learn every unit possible on the contract tree. At its very base, the Firedrake packs a Defensive Point (DP) punch of 725 vs. armor and air, 500 vs. heavy infantry and 400 vs. light with an average of 587.5 DP. It has a top speed of 12 km/h out of the box, and consumes 4 rations per hour upkeep. Without production mitigation, these units will roll off the factory floor one every 74 minutes. The firedrake has a resource value of 7,500.

The Firedrake can also be upgraded to Veteran status, wearing red war paint and boosting all combat stats by 5% and slashing the upkeep down to a mere 2 rations/hr in exchange for 200 Syndicate Funds. A Level 5 Mining Complex must be held in order to allow the upgrade conversion for air units.

The Syndicate has also made available in limited quantity the Syndicate Mz-29 Firedrake. It sports an urban camouflage paint job and packs a better Player vs. Player punch with reduced upkeep like the Veteran unit. These units can only be won as rewards for completion of the Project: Torchlight missions and are not buildable. It is recommended that players do NOT use these units for Search & Destroy missions, but instead reserve these units for critical defenses and Player vs. Player combat.

10-Alpha “Hailstorm”

The Alpha-10 “Hailstorm” is available almost exclusively LAST on a player’s contract tree. These advanced Thulium units are designed for end-game conversion of big base and Mining Complex defenses. Fast, durable and amazingly vicious against armored targets, the Hailstorm is the obvious choice for upgrading all defensive air for strategic assets defense.

The 10-Alpha “Hailstorm” at its base packs a DP punch of 900 vs air, 1275 vs armor, 750 vs heavy infantry and 600 vs light for an impressive 881.25 DP average as a regular unit. It has a top speed of 24 km/h base, consuming 4 rations per hour and can be assembled in 133 minutes and 20 seconds each. 10-Alpha “Hailstorms” have a very low resource value, being assembled by 1950 Thulium, the resource value is only 3900. It is not recommended to use the 10-Alphas in anything other than Base Defense, Complex Defense and PvP.

Like the Firedrake, the 10-Alpha “Hailstorm” can be upgraded to Veteran status, adding red tail stripes and boosting all combat stats by 5% and further reducing its upkeep by half.

RSL-150 “Harpy”

The RSL-150 “Harpy” is close-air support for your ground forces. This Strategic Unit has impressive stats by itself; however the purpose of using Strategic Units is to augment your existing defense by using correct ratios of the unit in your army.

The RSL-150 “Harpy” is a strategic unit therefore it cannot be built. It must be purchased as Premium Content through the Black Market, or won as a reward from Project: Torchlight. The Harpy has a 1:20 SU to RU ratio for maximum effectiveness.

The Harpy has amazing combat stats, delivering a staggering DP of 2570 vs. air, 2520 vs. armor, 2100 vs. heavy infantry and 1680 vs. light, with an average of 2217.5 DP. Each Harpy travels at 30 km/h and consumes a hefty 20 rations/hr upkeep. The purchase cost of 1 harpy is 758 Diamonds, with a potential of delivering 11,770 DP per Harpy vs. air.

The Synergy for the RSL-150 “Harpy” is as follows:

  • +460, Veteran 10-Alpha Hailstorm
  • +440, 10-Alpha Hailstorm
  • +435, Syndicate Mz-29 Firedrake
  • +430, Veteran Mz-29 Firedrake
  • +410, Mz-29 Firedrake

Unit Training and Other Potentials – Warning: Geek Zone Ahead!

Fully Negotiated L20:

The Firedrake and Hailstorm сan be re-negotiated to Level 20 contracts. Full negotiation nets a 40% increase in combat stats over base:


  • 115 ,015 DP Vs. Air
  • 1,0DP Vs. Armor
  • 700 DP Vs. Heavy
  • 560 DP Vs. Light

Vet Firedrake:

  • 1,065.4 DP Vs. Air
  • 1,065.4 DP Vs. Armor
  • 735 DP Vs. Heavy
  • 588 DP Vs. Light

Syndicate Firedrake:

  • 980 DP Vs. Air
  • 980 DP Vs. Armor
  • 770 DP Vs. Heavy
  • 770 DP Vs. Light

10-Alpha Hailstorm:

  • 1,260 DP Vs. Air
  • 1,785 DP Vs. Armor
  • 1,050 DP Vs. Heavy
  • 840 DP Vs. Light

Veteran 10-Alpha Hailstorm:

  • 1,323 DP Vs. Air
  • 1,874.6 DP Vs. Armor
  • 1,103.2 DP Vs. Heavy
  • 882 DP Vs. Light

Executive Status Bonuses:

Activating Executive Status Tier 9 or higher will provide a passive +5% to the unit’s base combat stats


  • 1,065.75 DP Vs. Air
  • 1,065.75 DP Vs. Armor
  • 735 DP Vs. Heavy
  • 588 DP Vs. Light

Vet Firedrake:

  • 1,118.67 DP Vs. Air
  • 1,118.67 DP Vs. Armor
  • 771.75 DP Vs. Heavy
  • 617.4 DP Vs. Light

Syndicate Firedrake:

  • 1,029 DP Vs. Air
  • 1,029 DP Vs. Armor
  • 808.5 DP Vs. Heavy
  • 808.5 DP Vs. Light

With Optional Equipment:

Stealth Generator – Mz-29 Firedrake Defense +5%, Attack -5%

Firedrake Potential with this equipment x2 (they can be stacked)


  • 1,116.5 DP Vs. Air
  • 1,116.5 DP Vs. Armor
  • 770 DP Vs. Heavy
  • 616 DP Vs. Light

Vet Firedrake:

  • 1,171.94 DP Vs. Air
  • 1,171.94 DP Vs. Armor
  • 808.5 DP Vs. Heavy
  • 646.8 DP Vs. Light

Syndicate Firedrake:

  • 1,078 DP Vs. Air
  • 1,078 DP Vs. Armor
  • 847 DP Vs. Heavy
  • 847 DP Vs. Light

With Every Option:

Firedrake Potential of L20 with Executive Status L9+ and Stealth Generator x2 and 10-Alpha Hailstorm potential of L20 with Executive Status L9+


  • 1,167.25 DP Vs. Air
  • 1,167.25 DP Vs. Armor
  • 805 DP Vs. Heavy
  • 644 DP Vs. Light

Vet Firedrake:

  • 1,225.21 DP Vs. Air
  • 1,225.21 DP Vs. Armor
  • 845.25 DP Vs. Heavy
  • 676.2 DP Vs. Light

Syndicate Firedrake:

  • 1,127 DP Vs. Air
  • 1,127 DP Vs. Armor
  • 885.5 DP Vs. Heavy
  • 885.5 DP Vs. Light

10-Alpha Hailstorm:

  • 1,323 DP Vs. Air
  • 1,874.25 DP Vs. Armor
  • 1,102.5 DP Vs. Heavy
  • 882 DP Vs. Light

Veteran 10-Alpha Hailstorm:

  • 1,389.15 DP Vs. Air
  • 1,968.33 DP Vs. Armor
  • 1,158.36 DP Vs. Heavy
  • 926.1 DP Vs. Light

Ultimate Combo:

L20 Contract, 2x Stealth Generators, Veteran, Executive Status in a L5 Mining Complex

Vet Firedrake:

  • 1,531.5125 DP Vs. Air
  • 1,531.5125 DP Vs. Armor
  • 1,056.5625 DP Vs. Heavy
  • 845.25 DP Vs. Light

Veteran 10-Alpha Hailstorm:

  • 1,736.4375 DP Vs. Air
  • 2,460.4125 DP Vs. Armor
  • 1,447.5 DP Vs. Heavy
  • 1,157.625 DP Vs. Light

Maximum Cheese:

L20 Contract, Veteran, Executive Status in a L5 Mining Complex in a 1:20 Ratio with a RSL-150 “Harpy”

Veteran 10-Alpha Hailstorm x20:

  • 34,728.75 DP Vs. Air
  • 49,208.25 DP Vs. Armor
  • 28,950 DP Vs. Heavy
  • 23,152.5 DP Vs. Light

RSL-150 “Harpy” x1:

  • 3,373.125 DP Vs. Air
  • 3,307.5 DP Vs. Armor
  • 2,756.25 DP Vs. Heavy
  • 2,205 DP Vs. Light

Strategic Bonuses: +460 x 20

+9,200 ==Max Individual DP:== (Stat Sum + 9200)

  • 47,301.875 DP Vs. Air
  • 61,715.75 DP Vs. Armor
  • 40,906.25 DP Vs. Heavy
  • 34,557.5 DP Vs. Light

==Maximum Practical Average DP== (Plarium Average + 9200):

46,119.59375 DP average