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Advisors help you keep track of changes in your and your Allies' Sectors.

Combat Advisor

COMBAT ADVISOR Description Reports :
Combat Advisor

Your Combat Advisor keeps you informed about all of your military engagements.

The Combat Advisor reports on:

  • Your Recon mission results;
  • Other players' attempts to recon your Sector;
  • Other players' attempts to recon your Allies' Sector;
  • Tracking Reinforcements to and from your Sector;
  • Other players' threats to attack your Sector;
  • Other players' threats to attack your Allies' Sectors;
  • Results of battles between your Troops and Enemy's Troops;
  • Results of battles between Allies’ Troops and Enemy Troops.

Trade Advisor

TRADE ADVISOR Description Reports :
Trade Advisor

Your Trade Advisor keeps you up to speed on your commercial activity.

The Trade Advisor Reports on:

  • Caravans arriving to your Sector;
  • your Caravans arriving at their destination Sectors;
  • Other players' exchange requests.

Diplomatic Advisor

DIPLOMATIC ADVISOR Description Reports :
Diplomatic Advisor

Your Diplomatic Advisor keeps you informed on the status of offered and current Alliances.

The Diplomatic Advisor reports on:

  • "Become Allies" offers sent to you;
  • new Allies;
  • Termination of Alliances

Tech Advisor

TECH ADVISOR Description Reports :
Tech Advisor

Your Research Advisor updates you on the status of current Research developments.

The Tech Advisor reports on:

  • Technology research completion;
  • Module exchange with other players;
  • Modules arriving to your Sector.