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JSCo “Ares” is famous for its successful military operations throughout the Caucasus, Middle East and North Africa. IT was created as a modern military force able to seek out and neutralize any enemy of varying sizes up to Brigade size. Having come from the new Russian Spetznaz Alpha shock troops, and established in 2015, “Ares” instructors took the very best of their tactics, combat skills and knowledge to mould a superior fighting force with high, on-call capabilities and the speed and firepower to pack a punch when needed. The JSCo Ares Special Forces succeeded in many operations, such as the liquidation of the then President of Afghanistan during the Afghan Wars and also the counter-terrorism operations conducted during the Middle East conflicts of 2016-17.

Unit Type: Light Infantry

Sniper Scout

Sniper Scout
Offense 15
Light Infantry Defense 30
Heavy Infantry Defense 30
Armor Defense 30
Combat Aviation Defense 30
Designation Defense
Speed 18
Upkeep 2 Ration/Hr
Capacity 20
Cost 200 Fuel, 120 Ammo, 200 Rations
Production Time 7 Minutes

The "Ares" Sniper Scouts have served in two Chechen conflicts throughout 2015-16 and they've participated in various counter-terrorist missions in the Caucasus and unnamed operations throughout the globe for Russian interests from 2014-18.

These soldiers' motto and life philosophy is "FOFEBA - Forward of the Forward Edge Battle Area." They are fearless, strong and almost invisible to the enemy. Packing long range small arms sniper rifles mixed with high velocity automatic weapons, the Ares Sniper Scouts are who you can call when there is no one left to answer. Point them in the right direction and unleash them on the enemy or for the fun of it, insert them behind enemy lines and tell them to make their own way home!

The autonomous mobile forces are utilized in acting behind enemy lines, profiting by their speed, technical training and screening skills for surgical strikes. Sniper Scouts are trained to liquidate commanders, to organize ambushes, to sabotage the armies. They have the capability to cover massive distances on foot behind enemy lines whether in military uniform or civilian attire which enables them for dual use in both regular warfare and urban operations regardless of the conflict.


Offense 75
Light Infantry Defense 14
Heavy Infantry Defense 14
Armor Defense 14
Combat Aviation Defense 14
Designation Offense
Speed 24
Upkeep 2 Ration/Hr
Capacity 60
Cost 300 Fuel, 500 Ammo, 500 Rations
Production Time 10 Minutes

After the last liquidation of their parent organization, many veterans from the FSB Spetznaz Alpha Brigade decided to join the JSCo Ares, which supported state interest and gained global recognition. Ares mobile battalions are utilized in defined target destruction missions to seek out, locate and neutralize insurgents in any location globally within a 24 hour window.

Unit Type: Heavy Infantry


Offense 360
Light Infantry Defense 30
Heavy Infantry Defense 40
Armor Defense 40
Combat Aviation Defense 40
Designation Offense
Speed 18
Upkeep 2 Rations/Hr
Capacity 250
Cost 1200 Fuel, 2100 Ammo, 2100 Rations
Production Time 45 Minutes

‘Death from Above’ cry the paratroopers of Ares, fearless airborne insertion troops for mass shock and awe or for insertion behind enemy lines, the Paratroopers are the punch a commander requires when fear and controlled aggression are needed.

The Paratroopers of Ares built a global reputation throughout the contract forces fraternity through such missions as “Maroon Terror” in Afghanistan, and “Lion Man” in Chechnya, where they neutralized 100% of enemy forces with minimal losses. Heavy firepower with air insertion was the catalyst to turn both conflicts into child’s play.

Unit Type: Combat Aviation


Offense 900
Light Infantry Defense 100
Heavy Infantry Defense 100
Armor Defense 100
Combat Aviation Defense 100
Designation Offense
Speed 30
Upkeep 4 Rations/Hr
Capacity 750
Cost 4200 Fuel, 7000 Ammo, 7000 Rations
Production Time 113 Minutes

The YAN-200 was developed as a fighter pilot training craft due to its proficiency for speed and maneuverability. JSCo Ares saw the capability to enable a fast yet cheap option for providing an effective infantry air support capability within Zandia.

The YAN-200 is not as powerful as an attack helicopter in regards to firepower, but it adds the capability of enhanced speed to Mach 5, and thus enables a commander to enhance his firepower above that of larger jets for scrambling and first strike options.

Small, fast, furious and easy to control and maintain, the YAN-200 carries precise striking capabilities on a variety of targets. IT is constructed from former Soviet factories and is mass produced in the city of Kharkiv, Ukraine

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