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7 Life Lessons you may learn from Playing Stormfall

1. Always dispatch spies prior to attacking your enemies. Collect as much information as possible about your rivals to avoid unjustified losses.

Knowledge is power. Always do same research on a subject or an object of your interest before taking any actions in real life. Good preparation will do you a big favor. If you know what to expect from a person or a situation you will be able to adjust your actions accordingly and make the right decisions.

2. Do not play alone. Invite friends, make new friends or join a League to ensure support in your actions.

It’s essential to socialize with people. Instead of making enemies, make friends instead. Friends can support you in difficult times. Help your friends when you are asked for assistance and someday you will see what good friendship means for success and goal achievement.

3. Patiently build your bank of easily produced troops from your free resources. Use these to fight your battles and gain the rewards of stronger troops through free game-play.

There are times in our life when you may not get anything immediately despite contributing resources of any kind and efforts. But patience and insistence in doing a particular job may become a key factor to success. Keep doing what you do and over a period of time your acquisitions will exceed your contributions.

4. Quality over quantity. Maximize your troops’ strength by all possible means available in the game like upgrading Lost Arts, applying Relics, and earning League Achievements in order to ensure everything is of the highest possible quality.

Whatever you do in your life, do it with the highest possible quality. You may do many things, perform many tasks or talk to hundreds of people but the overall quality of your achievements may still remain at a low level. Take your time and ensure that quality is the thing you set the highest priority to.

5. Always put your offensive troops to your Catacombs. They are not meant to defend your Castle!

Try to use your assets according to their designation and keep safe the ones you cannot use for purposes they are not designed for. Take care of what is important for you and you will avoid issues.

6. Upgrade your Warehouses and Barns. The higher the level of your Warehouse the less Gold and Iron any attacker will steal.

If your enemy gets nothing from you, you become an unattractive option. If you see no way to beat your enemies with your forces, you can always remove the attraction of being a target.

7. Develop a strategy and stick to it. Encourage your League mates to follow the same plan and strategy to make sure you are going in the same direction.

Successful people set goals, keep expectations high, and are creative in developing strategies to reach their goals. They do not rely simply on fortune and wait for a favorable moment to come. Study your options and formulate a solid plan set out by your goals, then stick to it.

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