Why hasn’t Plarium replied to my email?:SI

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If you have contacted Plarium’s support team and not heard back from us, your email service may be wrongly classifying our messages as Spam.

Finding Plarium’s Messages



To check if our messages are being marked as Spam, open your Spam folder and check if there are any emails from Plarium. The Spam folder is normally located in your email’s folder list, on the left hand side of your email client.

How to stop Plarium’s email being marked as Spam

If you find that Plarium’s messages are being marked as Spam, you can simply unmark them yourself. Select the message and click the “Not Spam” button that will appear the top and bottom of the email. Unmarking a message will automatically move it to your inbox folder and ensure that any further messages from Plarium will not be filtered or blocked.