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How do PVP Points work?

PvP (player vs. player) quests are special quests taking place over several days that pit players directly against one another in the hunt for PvP points. PvP points are awarded for troops killed or lost during battles with other players, such as in the following locations:

  • Bases
  • Locations
  • Mining Complexes

Players will only receive PvP points from battles involving other players.

Destroying non-player Units such as ZHG Forces won’t gain players any PvP points. These battles are known as PvE, Player vs. Environment battles, and whilst they are extremely valuable in other areas of the game, players will be unable to earn PvP points from these battles.

You will see a special icon in your battle report when PvP points are credited to you.

If you do not see the special icon showing your PvP points, then you didn't earn any PvP points from that battle.

To start the Quest and become eligible to collect PvP points, you must press the “Start” button in the quest description; before doing this, you will not receive any PvP points from battles. The more PvP points a player earns, the higher he will be in the PvP Rankings and the greater the rewards he will receive. Remember, only PvP points count towards your ranking for this quest – all other points will be disregarded.

The amount of PvP points earned from a battle depends on the battle itself. Players defeating other players in massively one-sided battles won’t receive any PvP points, but a player who takes part in an even, hard-fought battle where both sides take losses will be rewarded highly. If you see that you haven’t received any PvP points after a battle, it is because either you haven’t managed to kill enough enemy units, or the battle wasn’t fair enough to begin with and you haven’t sustained many losses. This is to stop people bullying their way to the top of the PvP rankings by defeating weaker, inexperienced players.

Keep in mind:

  • Even if you have earned all the rewards on offer, your ranking points will continue to accumulate and change your ranking position. The reward for first place will go to the player with the most points when the quest finishes, so remember to keep fighting if you want to get the highest rewards!
  • Every player in the game Level 5 or above will have the option to participate in this quest.
  • Attacking and Defending Locations will not count towards your Rankings; you may only gain PvP points when challenging other players.
  • The reward you receive depends on your Level in the game.