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Thulium Deposit


The Depots have been removed from the game.

Occupying a Thulium Deposit allows a player to harvest Thulium directly, which can be used to build Thulium units. Players can harvest after a minimum of 1 hour has passed from the either the time of occupation or the last collection.

Collection notifications will show up in the player's Reports under the Convoys tab.

Location Statistics

Location Name Max Resources Harvest Rate
Thulium Deposit - Level 1 Thulium Deposit - Level 1 50,400 300 Thulium/hr
Thulium Deposit - Level 2 Thulium Deposit - Level 2 75,600 450 Thulium/hr
Thulium Deposit - Level 3 Thulium Deposit - Level 3 126,000 900 Thulium/hr

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