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When deployed alongside regular Units from their class, they can dramatically improve theirs and your battlefield performance.

Available for purchase on the Black Market:

UAV, QR-14 “Big Brother” (Excellia Battlefield Systems)

Light Infantry, Offensive – “Ghost Corps” (Ramstein Secure Logistics)

Light Infantry, Defensive – “Terminator” Infantry (Ares Corporation) Intelligence

Heavy Infantry, Offensive – A13 "Reilly" IFV (Excellia Battlefield Systems)

Heavy Infantry, Defensive – HISG "Cardinal" (Primum Agmen Groupe,PAG)

Armor, Offensive - v195 "Samson" MBT (Primum Agmen Groupe,PAG)

Armor, Defensive - TASV "Typhoon" (Ares Corporation)

Air, Offensive - F-32 "Excalibur" (Excellia Battlefield Systems)

Air, Defensive - RSL-150 "Harpy" (Ramstein Secure Logistics)

In the case of defeat these units will die in battle and 70% of the survivors will appear in the Field Hospital for revival, if you so choose.