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Growth and Direction

Maintaining the Combine

As you expand and grow your combine, you run into limitations in the way of maximum members, command structure and finding active players. As players come and go, you will need to constantly groom candidates for bigger roles and recruits for performance. But once you reach the capacity of your combine, you will need to expand to the next level.

Expanding the combine

At first, you are granted 10 member slots. Once you fill these 10 slots, new applicants cannot be added, although you can still send invites out. To expand the combine you must visit the Joint Ops Center, click on the ‘My Combine’ tab and then the ‘Expand’ button in the upper left corner of the window. Each level becomes increasingly more expensive, requiring the CEO to advance the storage capacity of their base and the combine logistics operations to pull resources from members together. The combine expansion chart is as follows:

Combine Level Cost (Each Resource) Member Limit

Level 1 N/A 10

Level 2 40,000 20

Level 3 60,000 30

Level 4 80,000 40

Level 5 100,000 50

Level 6 120,000 60

Level 7 140,000 70

Level 8 160,000 80

Level 9 180,000 90

Level 10 200,000 100