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The mist of battle covers the glorious expanses of Darkshine. Swords are blunting and arrows breaking, but the number of battles continues to grow. We cannot continue to spend to long preparing!

My sages believe that the time we have been spending on applying and upgrading Skull Runes lies at the heart of our problems. Because of this, they have provided us with a solution:

I am honored to announce that from this day forth, all Lords and Ladies throughout the lands have been empowered to Boost the speed of Skull Rune application and Upgrades with the use of Sapphires!

There are two ways to boost them:

1. You can upgrade instantly with the use of Sapphires.

2. By applying Boosts items. Simply go to Black Market, choose the "Misc." section and find them on the Boost tab. You may also receive Boost items as rewards for completing Quests.

Use this change wisely, for every few seconds saved may prove to be the difference between life and death!

As a sign of my appreciation and my kindness, I have made available a new item for purchase at the Black Market – Rune Scales!

Rune Scales allow you to redistribute Skull Runes on the Rune Tree.

This means that even if you have already distributed Skull Runes on the Rune Tree, but wish for a change of strategy, you can use Rune Scales to redistribute Skull Runes and boost your army in the areas where it needs it the most!

Alter the speed, production time and overall food consumption of your Units. Improve your efficiency, effectiveness and rise up to conquer Stormfall once and for all!

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