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The Resource Indicator

The Resource Indicator is located at the top of your game screen, This indicator shows what resources you currently have available to use.

Default view

The four resources displayed in the default screen are Fuel, Ammo, Rations and Diamonds.


Change View

To see the other resources available to you "click" on the change button to the right of the Resource Indicator bar.


Secondary View

This change will bring up the secondary view of your other resources available to you

These four resources are Thulium, Influence Points,Drill Instructors and again Diamonds.


The resource indicator will also should if you have a resource boost applied.


Expanded View

You can expand your view of Fuel,Ammo or rations by hoving your mouse pointer over the indicator on the bar. A pop up window will give you more detailed information about that resource and its current boost status.


This Image shows:

  • The current total of the resource available to you, in this case fuel.
  • The current production level per hour of the resource.
  • The Executive Bonus and the duration remaining of the bonus.
  • The boost percentage of applied boost. the time remaining of the applied boost and if the boost is on auto repurchase.
  • The percentage of your current capacity attained, and the total capacity of that resource you currently have available.